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~ Digger

The Diggers were the primary antagonists of "The Tale of the Virtual Pets", an episode of the 90's TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Accidentally discovered by a kid named Tom, the Diggers were a species of sentient artificial intelligence that could capture and replicate any human that encountered them. Capitalizing on the virtual pet craze of the time, the Diggers began to use this to infiltrate to humanity with the goal of taking over the world. This replacement process was done by imprisoning the human in question in a Digger toy, while an actual Digger took their place in the real world. The only discernible difference between the human and Digger version of the person being a change in personality and a bulldog-like tattoo on their neck bearing a resemblance to the Digger.

The Digger version of Tom distributed the toys to three classmates, including a girl named Isabel. Isabel's friend techno-phobic Kate, however rejected the toys immediately. Not long after, Isabel was replaced, and, the following day Kate realized that Isabel was acting very strange and now had a tattoo on her neck. Realizing Tom had been acting in similarly strange manner and had the same tattoo, Kate followed the two after school ended to their base of operations in Tom's house and realized the truth about her friends and the Diggers. Knowing that she would be next, she managed to defeat the Diggers by destroying Tom's computer.

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