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Digit is the secondary antagonist of An American Tail. He is Warren T. Rat's cockroach minion. He is fond of counting. Digit talks with a British accent and does not like working for Warren very much, but does so out of fear. He and his boss are defeated by being shipped to Hong Kong.

He was voiced by Will Ryan, who would later voice the hero Petrie in Don Bluth's next film The Land Before Time.

Villainous Acts

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    Digit with his boss Warren T.

    Although Digit may seem benign (and overall, he is), his biggest villainous act was to give Warren the idea of selling young Fievel to a sweatshop, where he would be enslaved. He thinks of this in order to save Warren 50 cents a day.
  • Digit also raised the alarm later in the film, when the friendly cat, Tiger, is helping Fievel escape from the cage in which Warren's gang puts him after he finds out Warren's secret. The gang almost recaptures Fievel because of Digit.
  • Digit being Warren's right-hand, assists him and his fellow cats during the climax. He is also involved with most, if not all of their schemes as he often gives Warren advice.



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