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I always loved you! Do it for me, please.
~ Dina trying to encourage Ryan to kill Brad.

Dina is a fictional character in the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw 3D. She is a young woman who was the girlfriend of both Brad and Ryan.

After she was abducted and taken to the Welthammer Store, Dina was lowered down and killed by a saw blade after Brad and Ryan refused to kill each other when they realized she never loved them and was only using them. Thereby, Brad, Ryan, and Billy the Puppet were covered in her blood until the saws came to a standstill after slicing through Dina's body.

The police finally arrived immediately afterwards and freed both Brad and Ryan from their shackles. Dina's corpse was then taken to the police station where she was abducted by Dr. Adam Heffner.


Dina was an extremely manipulative woman who played off other people for the sake of her own amusement and personal gain. Due to her narcissistic personality, she convinced Brad and Ryan to kill each other in order to save herself, but it backfired.


Brad! Ryan?
~ Dina's reacting when she sees both her boyfriends and finds herself trapped in a deadly game with them
He's f**king lying, Brad! He's f**king lying!
~ Dina's to Brad, denying Billy the Puppet's true revelations about her to both her boyfriends
One of you SAVE ME!!
~ Dina loudly screaming for help as her boyfriends are both put to the test
Brad! Brad! Brad, I love you!!
~ Dina's false proclamation of love for her boyfriend Brad in front of her other boyfriend Ryan
Do it! Do it! You gotta kill him, Brad! DO IT!
~ Dina attempting to manipulate Brad with his love for her to kill her other boyfriend Ryan
Do it! Do it! DO IT!!
~ Dina's attempting to get Brad to murder Ryan to spare her own life
No! No! No!
~ Dina lying when she's caught in her lies by Ryan and attempts to lie more to Ryan and get him to kill Brad
No, I didn't say that! I've always loved you!
~ Dina lying to Ryan about her feelings for Brad, claiming she loves Ryan more
You got to do it for me, PLEASE!!
~ Dina attempting to get Ryan on her side and have him murder Brad so her own life could be saved
You got to kill him!! KILL BRAD! DO IT!!
~ Dina urging Ryan to murder Brad in cold-blood so she could be spared
What the f**k are you doing?!
~ Dina's reaction to Ryan when he pulls back and allows the saw blades to get deadly closer to her
What are you doing, you f**king a**holes!?
~ Dina reacting angrily to both Ryan and Brad when she's called out for her true nature and the two men decide to have her killed
No! NO! NOOOO!!!
~ Dina's last words as she lowered down and the saw blades cut through her, killing her



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