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You raised me from the dead so that you would have the power of voodoo on your side. But if you know anything about who I am, you know that the only side I'd pick would be the winner.
~ Dinah to Cordelia pledging her loyalty to Michael Langdon

Dinah Stevens is a major antagonist in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. She is the Voodoo Queen and a survivor of the Apocalypse. She elevated to the status of Voodoo Queen following Marie Laveau's demise in 2014.

She was portrayed by Adina Porter, who also portrayed Beverly Hope in American Horror Story: Cult.


Dinah Stevens is a Voodoo Witch and the mother of Andre Stevens. After the death of Marie Laveau, Dinah takes over as the Voodoo Queen. Dinah lends her services to those in need, in exchange for money. One of her many clients is the Supreme Witch, Cordelia Goode. However, Dinah becomes an ally and accomplice to Michael Langdon, the Anti-Christ. In exchange for her assistance, Michael will have Satan greenlight her talk show for thirteen episodes.

She performs a Voodoo ritual and lowers the protection spell on the Coven's Academy, allowing Michael and Miriam Mead to enter and slaughter the witches. Michael kept his promise (asking his father to greenlight her talk show for 13 episodes) and gives Dinah what she wants, though she shows some slight discomfort upon seeing the destruction she has assisted in causing.

Dinah survives the nuclear blast and becomes a resident of Outpost 3 with her son. Michael is shocked to see his former ally is a resident, but allows her to stay so long as she is not going to cause any trouble. However, he manipulates Miriam and Ms. Venable into poisoning her and everyone else, killing them.

Dinah lays dead amongst everyone else until Cordelia arrives with Myrtle Snow and Madison Montgomery and revives them. Despite previously allying with both, Dinah refuses to take sides on the battle and claims to only want to watch. Madison notes that Dinah couldn't have defeated anyone with her "backwards voodoo shit" anyway.

However, unbeknownst to Dinah, Cordelia had made a deal with Papa Legba , in which she offered him her soul in exchange for releasing Marie Laveau from Hell, in order to help defeat Langdon. Once Marie makes her presence known to the others, she quickly kills Dinah by stabbing her in the neck with a butcher knife, due to her being considerably more evil than Laveau. Following Mallory's reversal of the apocalypse and the timeline post 2015, Dinah is still alive in the present timeline, and is still the Voodoo Queen.


  • She is the fourth character portrayed by Adina Porter in American Horror Story.


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