Ding Yizhen (simplified Chinese: 丁义珍) is a minor antagonist of the 2017 Chinese TV drama series In the Name of People. Before his downfall, he was the deputy mayor of Jingzhou City, Handon Province.

He was portrayed by the Chinese veteran actor Xu Wenguang.


Deputy Mayor Ding Yizhen was in duty of administrating mine resources, land as well as the reconstruction of old urban areas. Although Li Dakang, Jingzhou's Secretary Municipal Committee. Ding Yizhen was the de facto man in charge.

During the time when Zhao Dehan's crime was discovered, Ding Yizhen was in a meeting in Jingzhou which centered around the Guangmingfeng Project, without knowing himself being observed by Hou Liangping, the chief of the local anti-corruption station. During the meetings, Lu Yike and her team arrived at the place. Lu ordered Lin Huahua and Zhou Zheng to observe Ding Yizhen carefully and found out that Ding had a good connection due to his political power.

Hearing this, Ding Yizhen was shocked and he immediately fled for the United States by plane under a false alias. Since there was no extradition treaty between China and the United States, Ding Yizhen managed to go free. He drank wine on plane to celebrate his escape. After arriving at the United States, however, Ding did not live in a proper life. He was forced to went hiding and became a janitor in a disco bar as a disguise. He lived in a insecure and paranoid life, living in a mere motel and dare not go outside.

Despite having a small role in the series, Ding Yizhen's escape was the key to cause many of the later disastrous conflicts in the later story. It was unknown what happened to him afterwards, but no matter what he ended up to be, it shall be even worse than being held captive in a Chinese prison.

In the later story, it was later revealed that he later arrived in Africa, under the disguise of a buisnessman involved with gold mines. However, Ding Yizhen was later assassinated in Africa, at the hands of a killer hired by Zhao Ruilong.


  • Ding Yizhen was based on Wang Guoqiang (王国强), the former mayor of Fengcheng, Liaoning Province as well as the city's Secretary Municipal Committee of CPC. In March 2012, afraid of being accused of his crime of corruption, Wang Guoqiang escaped to America with his wife all of a sudden. However, 2.5 years later, he gave himself in and was extraded back to China under permission. In January 23, 2017, Wang Guoqiang was accused of being bribed and had a certain amount of property without specific source. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison for his crime, with his illegal property being confiscated.


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