Ah, you must be the new towel boy! You want an autograph? I don't just hand those out. And that's a good lesson for you: anticipate disappointment. Take me: I'm the greatest bullfighter who's ever lived. Yet my upcoming match against the town bull has received virtually no marketing support. A towering advertisement was supposed to have been painted just outside my window. But, as you can see, the job hasn't even been started.
~ Dingo Inflagrante
Dingo Inflagrante is a mental manifestation of the male cheerleader that stole Edgar Teglee's high school girlfriend and is the personal demon responsible for his psychosis, and is a boss the Action-Adventure video game Psychonauts.


Dinog is portrayed as a stereotypical "Latin-Lover" type with a smooth Spanish accent.

Dingo Inflagrante is notably very vain. He has a full set of mirrors where he gazes at himself all day. He claims to be the greatest bullfighter in the world and makes the assumption that Raz simply wants his autograph, and is unwilling to do so until advertisements of his battle with El Odio is done. He is also unwilling to stop El Odio (who has been running rampant in the streets and has been a danger to everyone) unless it is in the ring with an adoring crowd, and even then he does nothing until Raz severely wounds him, making the bull an easy hit, making him a coward as well.

When Raz points out that he and Lampita are just incarnations of the Junior Varsity Pep-Squad, he suddenly devolves into what could be his true personality, insisting that they were not "Junior" and that they were "full-on varsity", dropping the romantic Spanish accent in favor of a Californian accent as he and Lampita devolve into doing a cheer for Dingo. Whether or not the swuave matador persona was just an act or that the slip was a result of Edgar seeing who he was for the first time is currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Dingo is seen being able to teleport, using it to evade and attack his targets easily.

As a personal demon, his presence (alongside Lampita) in Edgar's mind is the source of Edgar's psychosis.


  • When a confusion grenade is used on him, he becomes convinced that he is El Odio.