Dino Dash is a troll working for Sinestro, and an antagonist Issues 0B and 0C of Asperchu.

He is a parody of Clyde Cash, a troll known for messing with the infamous Chris-Chan.


Issue 0B

Dino Dash kidnapped Jonas Chu before his Guitar Hero rematch with Asperchu and disguised himself as him. After beating Asperchu in the rematch, Dino revealed himself and kidnapped Dixie-Chu. Asperchu and Sonichu both attempted to attack him, but Dino managed to defeat both of them before grabbing Dixie and heading off.

Arriving in Forte Grosse, Sinestro congratulated Dino for succeeding in his mission and stated that, with Dixie-Chu captured, he was one step closer to completing his plans.

Issue 0C

Dino Dash later confronted Max, Jivin, Sonichu and Ian when they went to rescue Asperchu. Dino fought Max, who copied his powers and used them defeat him.