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We're going after your family!
~ Dino Velvet

Dino Velvet is the main antagonist of the 1999 thriller 8mm. He is a psychotic snuff actor and Tom Welles archenemy (alongside Machine) along with Eddie Poole

He was portrayed by Peter Stormare, who also portrayed Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo.


Dino Velvet is a merciless, remorseless, brutal, psychopathic, and above all sadistic snuff producer with absolutely no regards towards his female victims. He is particularly misogynist and enjoys beating, torturing and murdering women on the camera. He also loves taunting Tom Welles.

He is greedy and is willing to do anything in order to become more and more wealthy, thanks to his atrocious movies.

Dino usually uses manipulation in order to stay undetected by the authorities but when his business is seriously threaten, Velvet is willing to do anything in order to keep his position as a feared mobster, including abducting and killing his vengeful victims or competitors. Velvet lacks any moral code or honor and instead of directly facing his foes, he prefers to sets traps for them thanks to his goons and cunning intelligence.

8 mm


Dino Velvet's background is unknown. He was likely a perverted porn director who went insane and decided to specialize in particularly violent sadomasochists films.

Events of the movie

His works include snuff films - where his female victims are not only raped but also murdered - starring his loyal actor and minion George alias Machine. Thanks to Machine, Velvet's business went pretty well (amongst the black market, full of sexual deviants) and Velvet soon dominated the black market and became wealthy, allowing him to get more henchmen such as Daniel Longdale, a lawyer represting the man who commissionned the snuff movies.

However, at one point, Private Investigator and hero Tom Welles infiltrates Velvet's snuff ring as part of his efforts to find out the truth about his client's missing daughter, with help from porn store employee Maw California.

Velvet soon finds out about Welles' ruse thanks to the corrupt lawyer. Velvet then orders Longdale to kill Welles, but Welles saves himself by revealing that Longdale was paid a great deal more to commission the film than Velvet was to make it; in the ensuing brawl, Velvet mortally wounds Longdale with a crossbow, and Longdale shots Velvet in the throat with a pistol, leaving him to die from blood loss.