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Dinosaur Neil

Dinosaur Neil is an antagonist in the animated series The Tick. Though he plays the villainous role of a giant dinosaur inspired monster rampaging through the City, Dinosaur Neil is actually a humble paleontologist who does not wish to harm anyone. He is controlled by primitive impulses to destroy brought on by the accidental ingestion of cloned dinosaur tissue.

He was voiced by Danny Mann.


First Appearance

Dinosaur Neil first appeared as a kind hearted and intellectually curious paleontologist and dinosaur biologist who worked at a disosaur themed park. He always wore a dinosaur costume to work, despite the seriousness of his studies, and researched the cloning and reanimation of dinosaur tissue from fossilized sample. One day while explaining the process to Arthur and the Tick, Neil accidentally mistook a rapidly growing sample of self replicating dinosaur protiens for his pasta salad, and ate it. Neil immediately began to feel the anxiety producing effects of eating the tissue, but it was not until later that it bagan to alter his own DNA, combining it with that of a dinosaur, and causing him to grow and his skin to keratize rapidly. Neil soon grew to enormous proportions and went on an uncontrollable rampage through the City.

The Tick and Arthur were no match for the giant beast form of Neil, and were at a loss for how to bring him back to normal and stop him from destroying the entire city. Arthur fortunately remembered Neil telling them that the protiens were contained from uncontrolled expansion by acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as asprin. The Tick and Arthur asked a pharmacist to prepare a giant asprin casule which they would force Neil to consume, and bring him back to normal. When the rampage was brought to a halt, Neil appologized and returned to his job.

Second Appearance

Dinosaur Neil returned once again to marry Arthur's sister, Dot. Chairface Chippendale had other plans however. He tampered with Neil's medicine to ensure that Neil would transform into his dinosaur form once again, sending a sabotour known as the indigestable man into Neil to control his actions internally.The Breadmaster and El Seed also helped to carry out this plot by sabotaging the wedding itself to make sure that Niel transformed. 

The Tick fought off all of the villains and allowed Neil to return to normal once again so that he could marry Dot and live a normal life as a paleontologist once again.


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