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David Anders

David Anders, better known as Dinosaurus, is a minor antagonist in Invincible.


Dinosaurus stopped Invincble from fixing the destruction of the cities destroyed in the Invincible War. Dinosaurus argued that Invincible fixing the cities meant that the economy wouldn't go into superdrive because their abilities allow them to rebuild. Mark easily defeated Dinosaurus, reverting him back to his human form. Mark questioned whether he would kill him or not. The Guardians arrived and took him into custody.

After Mark arrived from fighting in the Viltrumite War, Dinosaurus escaped and built bombs to destroy Las Vegas. Invincible headed out to stop him. He asked him to help evacuate the city. Mark managed to stop one of the bombs, but the city was vaporized into glass.

David escaped and turned himself into the custody of the Pentagon. David revealed his Dinosaurus transformation was achieved when he stopped caring about topics and that he must be entertained in order to prevent his transformation. He was provided with accommodations and he was surprised by the shock of Mark attempting to free him. Mark told him his origin story and how he received his powers, and he transformed into Dinosaurus. Mark also revealed he was right about Las Vegas's destruction. Cecil found out about it and sent the Reanimen to attack them. Mark flew him out and they headed to Dinosaurus's base to start their new partnership.


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