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I am Diodora of the Asaroth family!
~ Diodora's cowardly breakdown as an armored Issei beats him to a pulp.

Diodora Astaroth is a major antagonist in the light novel and anime series Highschool DxD, serving as the overarching antagonist of Volume 1 and the secondary antagonist of Volume 6.

He was the former supposedly heir of the Astaroth Clan until he betrayed his family and kind when he side with the Khaos Brigade. He was the younger brother of Ajuka Beelzebub. He was the mastermind responsible to Asia Argento's excommunication from her church. He is also the self-proclaimed love rival and mortal enemy of Issei Hyoudou for kidnapping and harassing Asia.

He is voiced by Makoto Furukawa in the Japanese version of the anime and Aaron Dismuke in the English version, who is best known for voicing Alphonse Elric in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime series.


He is a gentle-looking, handsome young man with blonde hair in the light novel & dark green hair in the anime. He also has a big deep scar on his chest which he injured himself to turn Asia into a heretic as part of his plan. He is usually dressed in noble clothing. He has fanged teeth and deep golden eyes. He also has a gentle smile that adds on to his altruistic façade.


While appearing to be a well-mannered and affable young man, Diodora is actually a narcissistic, sinister, wicked, and uncaring demonic being who will do anything to get whatever he wants. He is perversely obsessed with nuns and holy maidens as most of his Chess Pieces are all former nuns and holy maidens he had acquired all over the world by being the cause of their excommunication.

He is also horrifyingly sadistic, as he thoroughly enjoys seeing them suffer in pain, sadness, loss, suffering, despair as he finds it an ultimate form of entertainment. He is also incredibly childish, temperamental and immature, as proven by the temper tantrum he threw upon realizing he was no match for Issei. He is also shown to be heavily disgusted with Dragons and those associated with them, as he calls Issei a "filthy dragon" but after suffering his defeat on him, he becomes fearful of him and dragons.

Despite of being brothers, Diodora doesn't seem to have a very good relationship with one of the devil kings and his older brother, Ajuka as the latter doesn't hold any cares for Diodora even didn't hold sympathy his death due to his treachery to his family.


Early life

It is stated by Freed Sellzen that due to his nun fetish, he has been preying on famous nuns and Holy-maidens in various countries around the world one after the other. He would often seduce the maidens with his passionate words in order to make them fall in love with him. After the nuns and maidens were excommunicated by the church, which is devastating for them, he would later save them from the depths of their despair, and eventually rapes them physically & emotionally. Later Diodora reincarnated them into becoming his servants as they slavishly pledged their loyalty to him as a result.

Sometime prior to the series, Diodora purposely injured himself to force the kind Asia to heal him, a Devil, which resulted in Asia's accusation of her being a heretic which led to her excommunication from the Church. He was also secretly present the abandoned church at Issei's town when Raynare stole Asia's Sacred Gear, initially intending to be the one to kill Raynare and save Asia and then take her as his servant. His plan, however, did not work due to Issei defeating Raynare.

Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor

He appeared in Volume 5 as one of the six young Devils for the Young Devil Gathering. At the end of the same volume, he reappeared in front of the Gremory group and proposed to Asia after he revealed that he was the Devil that Asia healed years ago.

In Volume 6, he was scheduled to have a Rating Game against the Gremory Team but this did not happen after he revealed that he was an ally of the Khaos Brigade. He also reveals he had Asia heal him simply to add her to his collection of nuns. Diodora then kidnaps Asia and has his peerage battle against the Gremory group. He was easily defeated by Issei in a one-on-one fight with Issei overpowering him out of rage at what he did to Asia. After his defeat, Shalba Beelzebub appeared. Diodora pleaded with him to help, only for Shalba to stab him with a weapon of light, and his body dissolved away.


Due to Diodora betrayal to his family and the other devils, the Astaroth were punished in his stead and has lost many of their privileges. Following his death, Diodora's niece, Latia has replaced him as the new heiress of the Astaroth Clan.



  • In the manga adaptation of Highschool DxD, Diodora makes a cameo as one of the guests in Rias and Riser's engagement party.
  • Diodora serves as a foil to Rias. Both are the younger sibling of a Devil King (Ajuka Beelzebub and Sirzechs Lucifer, respectively), both are the future heads of their families due to their brother's position and both have a connection to Asia. But where Rias is kind, mature and serene, Diodora is cruel, childish and psychotic. Rias cherishes Asia as a surrogate sister, while Diodora views her only as his property. Rias is greatly respected in the underworld, while Diodora is widely hated, to the point that the only reason he wasn't killed sooner was that killing him could have started a civil war.
    • Diodora could also be seen as a complete opposite of Issei. Issei is concerned with the suffering of others and generally shows great empathy, Diodora gets off on torturing and mindbreaking his victims. Issei has self-esteem issues, Diodora is so prideful that he cannot stand the idea of someone stronger than him. Issei may appear as a simple pervert on the surface but has a noble heart underneath, Diodora puts on the facade of an kind and polite individual despite being actually a monster. Issei is extremely brave and sacrifices his wellbeing for others, Diodora was perfectly fine with using Asia as a human shield to escape. Issei genuinely loves and cherises his (future?) harem, Diodora brainwashed them to do his bidding and uses them like toys. Issei is willing to go above and beyond to protect Asia and make sure her own desires are respected, Diodora will do anything to kill her if he cannot have her for himself.
  • Out of all of his counterparts (who were weak, perverted and selfish villains holding lust for the protagonists' love interests) such as Daisuke Hiyama, Kurt von Ritzburg, Keera L. Greenwood, Blade and Nobuyuki Sugou were defeated or killed by the protagonists' hand, Diodora was the only one weak villain who was defeated by the protagonist (Issei Hyoudou) but was betrayed and killed by a greater antagonist (Shalba Beelzebub).
  • It's unknown what happened to his peerage afterwards, but since they aided their master in the captivity of Asia, it's very likely that they have been captured and punished.

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