Dion is a Lieutenant in the Rebel Army who acts as Abigail's right-hand and a character in Metal Slug Attack.

"Dion" is not his actual name and is real name is unknown, with not even Abigail knowing it.



Dion originally worked as one of Abigail's spies until she promoted him to Lieutenant after being impressed by his combat capabilities.

Extra Ops

Dion cornered Caroline and Towa as they were attempting to raid an underground Rebel base. While Towa managed to slip away with a few other prisoners, Dion was able to capture Caroline.

A captured Caroline was forced to develop weapons for the Rebel Army, which included the Sky Jupiter Queen. However, Dion later allowed Caroline to escape with the Sky Jupiter Queen in order to have her inadvertently reveal to them the location of the Ptolemaic base. Caroline's escape caused a panic at the prison and resulted in the Sky Jupiter Queen being wrecked.

In a flashback to a meeting, when the Professor failed to show up, Dion asked Abigail if he should forcefully bring him due to his constant absences, but Abigail tells him not to.


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