Dion is a Lieutenant in the Rebel Army who acts as Abigail's right-hand and a character in Metal Slug Attack.

"Dion" is not his actual name and is real name is unknown, with not even Abigail knowing it.



Dion originally worked as one of Abigail's spies until she promoted him to Lieutenant after being impressed by his combat capabilities.

Extra Ops

Hot Trap

Dion cornered Caroline and Towa as they were attempting to raid an underground Rebel base. While Towa managed to slip away with a few other prisoners, Dion was able to capture Caroline.

Escape Plan

A captured Caroline was forced to develop weapons for the Rebel Army, which included the Sky Jupiter Queen. However, Dion later allowed Caroline to escape with the Sky Jupiter Queen in order to have her inadvertently reveal to them the location of the Ptolemaic base. Caroline's escape caused a panic at the prison and resulted in the Sky Jupiter Queen being wrecked.

In a flashback to a meeting, when the Professor failed to show up, Dion asked Abigail if he should forcefully bring him due to his constant absences, but Abigail tells him not to.

Another Story

Subjugation Tactics

Dion assisted Abigail in her plan to finally take out the Professor and avenge the defeat she suffered from his creations. While he was receiving secret orders from Abigail, Beatriz entered the room and asked him if he was talking to her sister, but Dion stated that he knew nothing. Beatriz then warned him that she would never forgive him if something happened to her.

As Abigail was being escorted to the Professor's Martian base, Dion contacted her and informed her that the jamming devices will be placed at D-36 and that they will last for three minutes, though he expresses that he is not fully certain if they will block the Martians' telepathy. Nevertheless, Abigail proceeds on with her mission and commands the troops present to take out the Mars sentries. Once the sentries are defeated, Abigail dismisses her men to proceed on by herself while Dion activates the jamming devices and their signal spreads throughout the Professor's base. The Mars People soon take notice of the jamming device and Mars People Neo goes to find and destroy it. He fights Dion and, despite the two being evenly matched, manages to destroy the device. However, Dion remains calm as Abigail had already entered the base and continues to fight Marty to keep him from assisting his brethren. After Marty gets past him, Dion then contacts Abigail and tells her that Marty will reach the base in 10 minutes, Despite her wounds, Abigail boasts that she can finish her mission in 5. Concerned for her safety, Dion offers to start the attack, but Abigail refuses and orders him to not do anything uncalled for, instead telling him to start up the extraction helicopter.


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