The dip are a race of vampiric dogs from Catalan mythology, said to be emissaries of the Devil.

At some point they terrorized the comarca of Pratdip, which might've been named after them (lit. trans. meadow of dips).

Appearance and Personality

They are usually depicted as being lame in one leg and blind in one eye, and almost always described as fierce black dogs.


Old drawing of a dip

Dips are very vicious but still smart enough to stalk prey when they're at their weakest, such as drunk people having just come out of the bar or when they're walking through the forest.

Powers and Abilities


Two dips gang up on a man

Dips are strong canines, possibly stronger than wolves, and can kill men and livestock in spite of being lame in one leg. They are very stealthy in the dark and possess bites that can turn others into vampires.


  • The dip is often seen as the catalan equivalent of the Chupacabra.
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