Director Anderson is a major antagonist of the 2017 action-spy thriller film xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

He is the corrupt CIA director who is involved in a conspiracy (formulated by Jane Marke) of destroying satellites around the world through the Pandora's Box.

He was portrayed by Al Sapienza.


Attacking Brazil and Russia

The film starts when a satellite crashed into Brazil, seemingly killing NSA agent Augustus Gibbon and his new recruit, while at the same time, a group of skilled individuals manage to steal a powerful device known as "Pandora's Box", which can control satellites to crash at specific locations as warheads. Determined to retrieve the weapon back, Jane Marke tracks down former xXx agent Xander Cage and assigns him to find Pandora's Box before the thieves could sell it.

With his own team, Xander manages to track down the thieves at the Phillipines, only to find out that their leader Xiang is an xXx agent as well, saying that he only stole the weapon to prevent any further misuse. However, both teams soon learn the weapon they stole was just a prototype while the real Pandora's Box is actually is under Anderson's possession the whole time. They are also horrified to learn that Anderson has set up another satellite crash in a Russian stadium, which has killed hundreds of civilians.

Final Fight and Death

Tracking down Anderson's location in Detroit, Xander, Xiang, and their teams race down through the streets, taking down many of Anderson's men before Xander and Xiang reach confront Anderson in person in an abandoned building. Surrounded, Anderson admits that he was the one who engineered the satellite crash that killed Gibbons and his new recruit, but before he could kill both agents with a gun, Xander got his sniper Adele Wolff to take down Anderson with a single bullet, killing him and allowing Xander to get hold of the Pandora's Box.

However, Xander and Xiang soon learned that they were being used by Marke to get ahold of Pandora's Box, realizing that Anderson was just a pawn to cover Marke's true plan of using the program to maneuver many satellites into major cities to create a new world order for herself to rule. Because of this, Xander and Xiang decide to have their teams work together to stop Marke and her men (led by Paul Donovan) from causing another satellite crash.

In the end following the deaths of Marke and her men, it turns out that Gibbons and his new recruit has survived Anderson's attack, having faked their deaths to start up a new xXx program for their fellow agents.



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