Thy next foe is...An isolated sand dune...Its tracks are well hidden...Shaking the earth, its gaze is upon thee...
~ Dormin

The Tenth Colossus, nicknamed Dirge, is a major antagonist from the video game Shadow of the Colossus. It is the tenth boss encountered in the game and a vessel for the essence of Dormin.



Dirge, along with the other sixteen Colossi, were created by Lord Emon to contain the fragmented essence of the defeated evil Dormin. He set them all to wander the Forbidden Lands, destroying anyone that comes their way, so that Dormin could never be resurrected.

Shadow of the Colossus

When a young man named Wander trespasses in the Forbidden Lands and asks the disembodied spirit of Dormin to resurrect his deceased lover Mono, Dormin agrees under the condition that Wander kill all sixteen colossi (tricking Wander into releasing his essence so he may be reborn). Wander agrees, and sets off.

Dirge is the tenth colossus encountered. When Wander reaches the secluded sandy cave area where Dirge is hiding, Dirge emerges from the sand and attacks Wander, chasing him down by swimming through the deep sand. Dirge is incredibly fast, the only way Wander can outrun Dirge is by riding on his horse Agro. When Dirge surfaces to ram Wander and Agro, Wander must use his bow and arrow to shoot an arrow at Dirge's eye. If Wander is successful, Dirge will go out of control, roll on his back, and slam into a wall. Wander must then climb onto Dirge and stab the monster's vital. After getting stabbed enough, Dirge will regain consciousness and dig back under the sand, enraged. Wander just repeat this process several more times until Dirge dies, collapsing to the ground and releasing the fragmented essence of Dormin contained within its body.

This fragmental part of Dormin will bring Wander back to the Shrine of Worship, where he will be prepared to face his next foe. It will later combine with the other fifteen parts to form Dormin, who will posses Wander and later be banished by Lord Emon.

Dirge' corpse can be seen as the credits roll.





  • Dirge is one of the more difficult colossi, as it can deal great damage in rapid attacks.
  • Dirge seems to be one of the more violent and wrathful colossi, as it actually seems to try and eat Wander and Agro as opposed to simply fighting them.
  • Dirge has the largest eyes of all of the colossi, although this may be due to its eyes having an important role in defeating it.
  • Dirge is based on the mongolian death worm, as shown by its ability to shoot lightnings from its mouth and moving through the sand as if it's swiming.