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Dirk is a minor antagonist in Henry Danger, appearing in the episode "Henry's Jelly". He was an angry customer who attempts to assault the employee of Pet Me in asking for a refund, in which he refuses by law.


He first appeared as an angry customer. At Pet Me, Dirk had forced all the customers into pet cages. He had bought a goldfish from the store but the fish had died in four days. Dirk wanted his $4.17 back, but the employee refused to give him the money. Henry arrives in the background. Captain Man arrives and scolds Henry for being out of uniform. Dirk grabs Henry and tells Captain Man that if he didn't get into the animal cage, he would drop an extremely poisonous spider called a Mexican Redrump on Henry's face. Captain Man is contemplating what to do. At the Hart house, Siren and Jake are getting massages. Jasper arrives and shows Siren and Jake the news. He shows them the story about how Dirk had hostages trapped in the store and they see that Henry and Captain Man were locked in there. Jasper runs to Pet Me. Siren and Jake want to come but they are forced to have two hour massages. At Pet Me, Dirk threatens to punch the employee and chases him. Jasper arrives and unlocks the cage, releasing Captain Man. Jasper hides and Dirk then arrives but Captain Man punches him in the face. Captain Man unlocks all the cages and lets the hostages out. Jasper then sees the Mexican Redrump and wants to buy it, but it was one hundred and fifty dollars. He then says that Henry didn't need to thank him because they were best friends and he was sure Henry would do the same for him. Henry begins to feel bad so he buys Jasper the Mexican Redrump.


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