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Dirk the Pokemon hunter

Dirk is a Pokémon hunter who acts as the main villain of Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening.


Dirk is a mercenary hired by Mewtwo's creators to track down Mewtwo after it escaped from their custody.

At the beginning of the episode, he had tracked Mewtwo down and attacked it with his Escavalier and Tyranitar, but he only managed to injure it before it escaped from him. Later, while searching for Mewtwo, he found Virgil speaking to Anna and Oscar, two local residents who recounted their encounter with a mysterious Pokémon that saved them.

Suspecting it to be Mewtwo, Dirk feigned a broken arm and approached them, claiming to have also been saved by the Pokémon, who was grievously wounded at the time. He revealed Mewtwo's identity to them and explained that it was a Pokémon artificially created by humans and distrusted humanity after the experiments it was subjected to. Virgil decided to search for Mewtwo to help it, so Dirk, Anna and Oscar followed him. However, Dirk soon split off from the group and sent cameras after them, monitoring their movements on his wrist device. When Mewtwo was found, Dirk deployed machines to capture it and sent out his Pokémon to weaken it. However, Mewtwo fought back by transforming into its awakened form, which caught Dirk off guard and forced him to use the machines to injure Mewtwo further. It fought back again, however, defeating Dirk's Pokémon but causing a forest fire in the process. While Virgil tried to fight the fire, Dirk launched a final attack against Mewtwo, but by transforming again, Mewtwo managed to destroy all of his machines, in the process causing Dirk to drop all of his Poké Balls.

After putting out the fire by moving the lake's water with its Psychic, Mewtwo destroyed the Poké Balls before Dirk could recall his Pokémon, freeing them from his control. He was defeated by Virgil's Espeon and Umbreon, who used Psychic to capture him by suspending him in the air.

Dirk's Pokémon


  • Dirk's design is based off Tyranitar, his signature Pokémon.


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