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Hey, Porter! At least it floats!
~ Dirk's first lines in the movie, a well as him insulting Porter and Sandy for having a lousy boat.

Dirk Moran is the main antagonist of the live-action 1996 film, Flipper.

He was portrayed by Jonathan Banks, who was known for Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad.


Dirk and his guests are on his yacht called "Bounty Hunter", fishing illegally while drinking beer. When Porter and Sandy passed by on the "Reliable", he insults the two, saying that all the Reliable can do is float. When Flipper and his older brother were having fun in the sea, Dirk's guests complained that the two dolphins were eating the bait meant for the fishes, as well as scaring the fish away. Annoyed by the dolphin siblings, Dirk gets a shotgun and shoots the elder dolphin brother to death, both shocking and angering Porter and Sandy, as well as emotionally shattering Flipper. When Dirk pulled over to ask Sandy where Flipper went, the latter tricks him into going the opposite direction, and when Dirk asked if Sandy was sure, the latter replied a fake yes, much to Dirk and his guests' sadistic chuckling as they set sail for Flipper, but in the opposite direction given by Sandy. When Sandy met his girlfriend Kim, he notices Dirk arguing with one of his crew. Sandy also mentioned that Dirk tried to kill Flipper, with Kim calling Dirk a "bottom-feeder".