Disciple of Dawn Lije is the host to Dezumozorlya's Dino-Earth counterpart and the secondary antagonist in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.


She is the child of Asuka and Mahoro. When she and Mizuho attacked the Evolian's base, Dezumozorlya tricked Mahoro with an illusion showing Asuka abandoning her for another woman, allowing him to implant himself into her baby, as well as brainwash her and Mizuho into being his servants. When her child was born, Mahoro placed the baby inside a pod that caused her to mature within a year into the girl named "Lije". Lije's soul was split into two parts, with Dezumozorlya controlling one half while the other separates into another persona called Kasumi.



Dezumozorlya's being eventually became to much for Lije to bear, thus she was forcibly grown into Lijewel. She also developed a crush on Mikoto Nakadai prior her forced growth. Kasumi is permanently separated from her as a result of this. She tries to maintain her existence using Mai Hakua and later befriends her. Lijewel eventually learns that in order Dezumozorlya to become whole again and decides to help the Abarangers convince Mikoto to defect. However, Dezumozorlya possesses her and transforms her body into Dezumolijewel to fight the Abarangers. They succeed in defeating her with help from Abare Killer and the combined the power of their Dino GUTs.

Kasumi then appears and merges Lijewel to purge Dezumozorlya, causing her to regress back to Lije and then into her infant form. The infant is later named after Mikoto. At the end of the final episode, a couple resembling Lijewel and Mikoto enter the Dino Curry along with a family resembling Asuka, Mahoro and Lije, much to the Abaranger's surprise. Mikoto later uses Lije's ability to travel between Earth and Dino-Earth to aid their friends during the events of Dekaranger Vs. Abaranger, Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai, and the Legend War.


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