Dispensor is a minor antagonist in the 2007 film Transformers. He is a Decepticon who transforms into a Mountain Dew Vending Machine, has an arm-mounted can-cannon.


When Sam Witwicky accidentally activated the AllSpark during the battle of Mission City, the artifact's radiation effected several electronic devices, including a Mountain Dew soda machine that would eventually become Dispensor. As soon as he came to life, Dispensor began shooting soda cans at people passing by from his arm-cannon.

While he is not heard from at the end of the film, the Revenge of the Fallen comic prequel Transformers: Alliance shows Dispensor ambushing Sam shortly after the death of Megatron while Ratchet is repairing Bumblebee's legs. Fortunately, the Autobot medical officer crushed Dispensor to death by stomping on it. While examining Dispensor's remains, Ratchet disapproved of his soft drink of choice.



  • While going unnamed in the film, Dispensor's name was first suggested to Greg Lombardo, Hasbro's head of Marketing for Transformers, by Daniel "Suspsy" Suh during a tour of Hasbro's offices at BotCon 2007. The name was eventually made official later on in his toys.
  • Despite being unaligned in the film, the toyline lists Dispensor as a Decepticon.
  • Dispensor later became a well-known and popular Transformer (although being a minor villain) for taking the appearance of a vending manchine which later became a well known parody in some parodies.
  • According to issue #111 of CineFex magazine, the inclusion of Dispensor into the film was a last minute addition. Surprisingly, the modeling and animation for the character was completed within a total of four weeks.


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