If you ever come across any article regarding a major crime, a man named Benjamin Chudnofsky, or anything that makes this city think that I am not the fine line protecting the light from the darkness, you're gonna bring it to me. You're gonna bring it to me, and I'm gonna tell whether it's okay for you to print in your stupid little newspaper. That's how I did it with your dad. And that's how you and I are gonna do it.
~ Scanlon attempting to manipulate Britt Reid into his circle.

District Attorney Frank Scanlon is the one of the two main antagonists (along with Benjamin Chudnofsky) in the 2011 film The Green Hornet.

He is portrayed by David Harbour, who also portrayed Gregg Beam in Quantum of Solace.


Scanlon is a corrupt district attorney who becomes fearful of the power of The Green Hornet (the superhero alias of Britt Reid), who is widely deemed a criminal. Knowing that his reputation would be damaged if he fails to stop the Green Hornet, Scanlon becomes determined to bring him down and even teams up with the Russian mobster Benjamin Chudnofsky. Britt learns that Scanlon had attempted to bribe his late father, James Reid (a wealthy newspaper publisher and founder of the Daily Sentinel), into downplaying the city's level of crime in order to help his career - when he refused, Scanlon murdered him with apitoxin (a commonly found bee sting poison) and made it look like an allergic reaction. Britt tries to record Scanlon's confession but fails.

During the climax, Britt and his partner Kato take on Chudnofsky and his men at the Daily Sentinel as well as Scanlon himself. After killing Chudnofsky, Britt and Kato drive their nearly demolished Black Beauty into Scanlon and ram him through the tenth-floor window, sending him and the vehicle crashing to the ground a long way below.


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