Rack Sacks

In the Smallville Season 9 Idol, Sacks hated the actions of a vigilante known as the Blur. Sacks issued a press conference demanding that the Blue reveal himself after undercover cops were accidentally captured by the Wonder Twins and when the Wonder Twins mistakenly shut down all the power in Metropolis. Before Clark Kent could step forward to confess his secret, Lois interrupted Sack's speech by telling the public how the Blur's needs to stay confident in knowing who he truly is and the best way for him to help the good people of Metropolis is for his secret identity to remain secret. Sacks placed a trap for Lois and tried to kill her in anger. Lois believed the city would never believe Sacks, yet Sacks quickly said that the Blur would be at fault after spray-painting the rooftop with the Blur's symbol. Sack thought Lois died until Clark was able to rescue her with help from the Wonder Twins. Lois then told Clark how Sacks was arrested for his dirty political antics.

In the episode Charade, Sack was released from prison which got the Daily Planet interested in checking out. Sack offered two million dollars for anyone who could get him a picture of the Blue. Lois confronted Sack and threatened to have him jailed for trying to kill he. Sack tried to kill her until the Blur saved her. While holding a welcome home party at Maxwell's, a photographer arrived with a picture of the Blur. Before Sacks could take a look at the picture, Lois staged a fake fight while Clark secretly destroyed the picture. Sack was working with Maxwell Lord to eliminate the Blur. Sacks was given the Black Knight chess piece as token of his initiation into the government Agency and while examining it, he was knocked out by Clark Kent, who crushed the chess piece. His fate after that is unknown, however he is assumed to have died.

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