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Divebomb is a minor antagonist in Generation One of the Transformers franchise.

He was voiced by Laurie Faso, who also voiced Rampage.



Divebomb appeared throughout the third season of the cartoon. He debuted alongside the other Predacons in the season's opening story, "Five Faces of Darkness". They were created by the Quintessons and sent to assist Galvatron. They tried to stop Blurr, Wheelie and Melissa Fairborne delivering Metroplex's transformation cog but were stopped by Sky Lynx.

He continued to appear throughout the rest of the season, trying to kill Sandstorm in "Fight or Flee", teaming up with Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus when Razorclaw was captured in "Nightmare Planet" and being among the animal-based Transformers captured by Primacron in "Call of the Primitives". He was apparently destroyed by the Starscream-controlled Trypticon in "Ghosts in the Machine", but quickly reappeared.

He made his last appearance in the season finale "The Return of Optimus Prime", among the Decepticons infected with the Hate Plague.


Divebomb and the other Predacons first appeared in the UK-exclusive story "Prey", when they were summoned to Earth by Megatron to help him hunt Optimus Prime. However, they were secretly under orders from Shockwave and abandoned Megatron in the middle of the fight, after Divebomb disarmed him. Megatron was left with no memory of the incident. Divebomb made his first Marvel US appearance in Issue #25, which also had Shockwave hiring the Predacons to help him against Megatron, this time by attacking him disguised as Autobots. Megatron defeated them, but the experience caused him to trigger an apparently fatal explosion.

Divebomb's most significant apperance came in the UK-exclusive story "Grudge Match", where it was revealed he had clashed with the Dinobot Swoop on Cybertron, taking the name Divebomb from him. He was delighted to run into Swoop on Earth and renew their rivalry, especially since Swoop had claimed to have killed him and hid the fact he had needed to be rescued from him by Optimus Prime. Divebomb was disappointed when the other Predacons turned up and started beating on Swoop, until the other Dinobots also arrived. Divebomb fought Swoop again and was tricked into firing on Grimlock. He informed the Autobot leader of Swoop's secret but Grimlock already knew and was prepared to kill him to save Swoop the embarrassment. Swoop stopped him, letting the Predacons go. Divebomb turned down Razorclaw's offer to shoot Swoop from a distance, hoping to renew their rivalry.

Divebomb continued to serve with the Earth Decepticons. In US Issue #37, he took part in a number of fuel raids before joining Ratbat in assaulting the base of the anti-robot group RAAT, to investigate their claim to have executed the Throttlebots. Discovering that the Throttlebots' brain modules had been placed in toy cars, Divebomb and the other Predacons unsuccessfully pursued them through a mall. He last appeared in Issue #50 during the Underbase Saga, where he was part of a combined Autobot-Decepticon group led by Grimlock and Scorponok who defended Tokyo. He was deactivated by the Underbase-powered Starscream.

Divebomb reappeared in Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline. He first appeared in "The Bad Guys' Ball" as part of Shockwave's Decepticon faction in their Enclave with Megatron's troops. He just missed seeing Headstrong get dragged away by Jazz as part of the Autobots' plan to successfully frame him for an attack on Megatron. In "Divide and Conquer", after the two factions were united under Starscream and Soundwave's joint command, Divebomb joined in an attack on the Autobot Earthforce base and was at Soundwave's side as he sounded the retreat.


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