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Divine is the main antagonist in A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Tilly who also portrayed Tiffany Valentine In Bride of Chucky.


Divine is the stepmother of Tessa,. She was going to take Tessa at the garage as they go to Halton's hotel as she screams at Tessa for ruining the luggage, of course, she had her dead pet Emerald that she still keep with her. She learns about the play that the hotel organized as its called "Cinderella" wich Tessa say it was Ironic since she feels like a Cinderella herself, Divine want the both of her daughters Athena and Olympia to have the lead role for the play and want Tessa to make sure her daughter is taking for the role.

She is sure that nothing will ruin the moment and sure Tessa still away in her room to get her daughter to have the role with Reed, but of course, she learns that someone named Bella also wants to audition for the role, as she tells Tessa that the new girl ruins her daughter chance to have the role without knowing it was her. At first, nothing happens until she gets very suspicious of Bella which she guesses that actually Tessa and that she wants to ruin her chance to put one of her daughters at her place, later after guessing that it was Tessa after tricking she locked her up and ignore her stepdaughter plead.

As she takes the stepsister role the play was going to be a disaster until Reed gets enough of all the lies and plots to force him to be with Harper, as he told his assistant that he was in love Tessa appear and sing in front of everyone as she left, she tells Divine that she is a weird mother and that she should not see each other again, Tessa left with Reed and let Divine very confuse.


  • She is just like all the woman in the franchise of A Cinderella story she used the heroine as a slave.


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