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Dix Perdix, also known as Hazer, is a major antagonist in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, He was the main antagonist in Volume 9-10 in the Light Novel and in Season 3 of the anime. He is the head leader of the Ikelos Familia and a sadistic hunter who hunts down the Xenos (monsters with intelligence and ability to communicate) just for his own delight while either he sells them off or kill them without a second thought. He is also the descendant of Daedalus and the younger brother of Barca Perdix.

He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in the Japanese verson, and by Kyle Jones in the English dubbed version.



Most of his past is a little unknown, but it was said and implied that he kept working on the dungeon his ancestor, Daedulus, had made due to his curse and was possibly forced to follow his ancestor's ideal of making it complete. It all ended when he had enough, driving him to his own insanity and vowed to get rid of his "cursed blood". On the way, he killed some monsters (before discovering the Xenos) on some parts of the dungeon, that was when his sadism and delight of killing and torturing these creatures till they cry or beg for mercy resulted to his beliefs and racism, but after discovering the Xenos then, his ideology and views gotten worse.

He would soon join Ikelos and his Familia suddenly, becoming the leader of the group and using his powers to start his poaching spree of capturing Xenos then sell them away for profit or he can continue his delight on torturing or killing them, same goes with allowing his own team to do the same.

Volume 9

On one fateful encounter as he and his gang continue hunting on the dungeons, some of his men discovered Wiene, and considered her specimen very rare. He ordered to have Wiene captured and probably sold over, his men continued hunting for her until Bell saved her from them.

Because of losing track of Wiene, Dix gotten furious with his group and complained that they've could've made an amount of selling her to some nobles, in response of his anger, he stabbed a monster in its cage and killed it without any thoughts. he then ordered his Familia who they found Wiene, some of them explained that some elves once met a monster that could talk, which got Dix's attention.

In his thoughts, he began theorizing someone is hiding the Vouivre, he then ordered some of his Familia to began checking some of the dungeon's floors in regards of whom participated in Rivira's quest. After his group left, Dix asks Ikelos for his assistance, but in response he sadistically mocked Dix for his egotism and arrogance. As reluctant to know Dix would use him but proved a point that convinced him since Gods' children can't lie, Ikelos agrees to what Dix is planning.

Later on with the sudden incident on Wiene's appearance, Dix became slightly confused by the sudden report given by his group, but he guessed that she was a monster due to her wings, he then conclude to his group to keep an eye on the Hestia Familia.

At sometime later, the group returns back with Gran kicking the cage of a Xenos they capture, trying to force it to stop its sobbing. Dix got annoyed and told his right-hand to shut it and asked if he wanted to become monster bait, in response Gran said no but tells his boss they almost discovered the home area of the Xenos when they followed the Hestia Familia, but only to be intervened by the Hermes Familia. This outrages Dix as he ordered his group to continue searching, he was very mad at Ikelos for this, in response of his anger, he decides to take his plans into actions while choosing a Xenos to kill using his spear.

Volume 10

In some moments on Dix was reading some words about his ancestor while having his patience on his companions preparing themselves. Sooner as they were done, Dix commented about the words being correct as he laughed sadistically.

Days later with some groups of Xenos (involving Wiene), Dix and his group used a Harpy Xenos to lure them into their trap and began their ambush on them. They both began fighting one another, pressuring them due to their fighting style, but Four got the upper hand to beat some of them. Dix then grew annoyed with his companions' complaints as he quickly finishes off Four without hesitation using his spear. The Xenos couldn't find a way to fight back as they tried to retreat, with Wiene and Fear knocked out. When Ranye attempted to leave an invisible thread for her group, Dix quickly noticed her ploy, cutting her threads, and wounded her as he ordered his some of his men to have her killed.

But some of them tried to reasons with Dix to have their advantages of violating her, Dix didn't care as he allowed it, before long Ranye poisoned them as she crushed her own magic gem to save herself, Dix smirked at the now dead Xenos' decision. After gathering the remaining Xenos for his collected prison and Wiene, both him and his group left before any trouble got in their way.

With a certain incident happening at the Dungeon. Gran reported to Dix about the sudden uproar many adventurers were having about armed monsters attacking Rivira. Dix didn't care as the whole explanation was heard, but he as pleased that they were some monsters he shouldn't underestimate as he believes they are some stronger than before. With some thoughts of what he could do now, he turns to an unconscious Wiene, planning on what to do with her.

As soon later on, with the Xenos and adventurers fighting in the 18th floor and the remaining Xenos finding the base of the Ikelos Familia as they free the imprisoned but tortured Xenos, before they went any further to find Wiene, Dix appears before them as he admitted he was the one whom kidnapped them. As then his companions began cornering Lyd and the rest, until Bell and Fels arrived, surprising everyone as Dix then berates Gran for not keeping the door shut. Dix was then interrogated by Fels of how he was able to enter the labyrinth, he doesn't hesitate to reveal to them he is Daedulas' descendant as he removed his goggles, revealing them that one of his eyes had a D Shape on it. He began explaining that his eye was a key source to enter his ancestor's long ongoing project, Knossos.

He continues explaining that his ancestor built the dungeon within the project Knossos for years to have only built middle floors under that progress, it became the reason why the Ikelos Familia was connected with Evilus, but with Evilus gone, Dix and his group resorted into capturing and selling Xenos for profit from their clients, which he admits without regret. The Xenos were outraged about this and attacked, as Dix used one of his men as a decoy to test their strength, upon underestimating them, he used his ability, Phobetor Daedulus, to brainwash everyone near him (except Fels and Bell, even with a Goblin and Fear they carried).

Because of the affect from the curse, everyone in the same room began attacking one another as they went out of control, which Dix uses this advantage to have Bell and Fels killed under the fight. Bell and Fels couldn't fight back against the Xenos before Fels ordered Bell to defeat Dix to make everyone go back to normal, while preparing himself, Dix mentions he is a Level 5 adventurer to make the boy intimidated by him, but Fels stated that his status reduced due to his curse as a cost.

As Dix and Bell began fighting one another, while fighting Dix was amused by Bell's agility before explaining more of the cost within his curse Phobetor Daedulus, he continued playing around with Bell in their battle before he became bored and started piling attack after another to Bell as his wounds became unhealable as mentioned because of his cursed spear.

Bell started asking Dix why he is doing this, it was revealed he needed them dead to dampen his cursed blood's effects that forced him to work under the dungeon to finish Knossos, stating he hated the dungeon his ancestor has made and he wished for it to vanish. His attitude and beliefs got Bell furious but mainly disgusted with him, calling him out for "something that stupid", this enrages Dix into demanding him to take it all back.

Within their fight, Bell mentions he won't forgive him for his deeds, but Dix then provokes him into making him know they are similar to one another as they kill monsters for money, but Bell disagrees and attempts to prove him wrong. That was until Dix had an idea as he follows Dix to a room he locked up, only to reveal a chained up Wiene that brought such shock to Bell, he then began wondering to them what would happen if he removed the red gem in Wiene's forehead, as he ignored their pleas without regards, he removes it hesitantly, causing Wiene to transform back into her original true form of a Vouivre. With the now out of controllably transformed Wiene attacking Bell and everyone shocked by her sudden appearance, Dix provokes Bell into forgetting that there is no point in being nice to monsters and tries to manage him into killing her.

But in response, Bell managed to calm Wiene down and gotten her conscious to response as she teared up, shocking Dix to this sudden twist. Not before Wiene's mind attempted to make her conscious tone down at bay as she loses control while fighting it. Disappointed with Bell's actions on Wiene, he doesn't hesitate to not only attack but kill him in their fight as he berates to Bell that he should've cut Wiene's stomach open, as Bell rejects Dix's suggestions as he still remains to help others in his beliefs. This causes Dix to call Bell a hypocrite and a bat that nothing more to a rabbit. When he was nearly close to killing Bell, Lyd intervenes as he is free from the curse thanks to Bell, as they began fighting Dix. Bell then proceeds to activate Argonaut as he then charges at Dix with enough force and charge that sent him to the wall in an impact.

With the affects from the curse removed, Bell then realizes his attack didn't break the curse permanently as Dix gets back up and slowly backs away from Bell due to his strength, not before blackmailing him and Lyd using Wiene's forehead gem as a shield, not before throwing it aside to a vertical hole and uses this timing to cast his curse on Wiene into seeing many illusions of Bell that caused her to escape from the room and entered a passageway to get her killed by some adventurers if he predicted. He then escapes using a passageway as Bell, in despair, gets the gem and proceeds to find and save Wiene.

As he walks through the passageways injured, Dix curses Bell and the Xenos as he vows to take revenge upon them by killing them. That was until he was encountered by Asterius, with a chilling down in his spine and fear, he looks up to see Asterius as he wonders in both rage and fear of what a minotaur was doing down here with him, as Asterius naturally kills him, giving him his deserved demise before leaving.


Even after his death, his actions still managed to have some affects in the sudden events he impacted when Wiene and the rest of the Xenos were exposed, resulting into both humanity and Xenos fighting one another alike, even succeeded into killing Wiene indirectly by his spear, launched by Gran before he was killed by Gros.

Despite the fact that Wiene was revived thanks to Fels' resurrection spell, he still manages to succeed and prove Bell "right" when the adventurers and people in Orario killed most of them while some hid in response due to their exposure. In the end, it also caused Ikelos was blamed for his head leader's actions and forced to leave Orario, forever exiled with all his members in his Familia disbanded and possessions seized by the Guild.


Dix is so far described as a sadistic, heartless, cruel, insane, arrogant, merciless, and a hypocrite whom desires to kill all Xenos, believing it could grant him such rise to his hungry need of power. He has no such remorse or qualms to his actions, even allowing his own group to torture some of the capture Xenos they brought back or even kill without thought.

He also seems to have no such honor in others' beliefs, even along with acknowledging the Xenos and Humans coexisting with one another. He even mocked Bell into telling him that he is a "hypocrite" on trying to save people and Xenos alike, but to kill monsters in order to save his kind as his way of provoking, as much to what he said to Bell, Dix himself is a hypocrite as he doesn't care about what other people think and got disappointed with Bell refuses to fight the now transformed Wiene in her true form. He even has a wrathful side whenever things don't go his way or when he doesn't take criticism well when Bell called him out for his reasons, proving just how selfish he can be into getting what he desires.

He seems to be fine with harming children, with Wiene for example (even though she is a Xenos). As he expresses delight in making her transform into her real form by force just to prove his beliefs on why Xenos and Humans should never exist with one another, this was something Dix has no remorse upon.

Despite his sadism, the real reason he became like this was because of his curse, Phobetor Daedulus. Always told in his mind and been forced to keep continuing his ancestor's work in the Dungeon as it was passed down through generations before him. This resulted to him becoming the insanely cruel hunter he is now, but his reasons gave him no excuse to justify his actions, it was also why Bell called him out, therefore his reasons and background are for "something that stupid" as he mentioned.

Overall, Dix is nothing more than a hypocritical racist whom took out his problems towards others, even to the Xenos, after killing normal monsters in the Dungeon that results to his beliefs, making him more of a "monster" than anyone else.


  • Phobetor Daedulus: It is a curse given to Dix, but in return it has the ability to confuse and bewitch his opponents, constantly brainwashing them to fight against one another. When casting the ability's red waves of glowing light travelling across the area to everything or anyone it touches, Dix can enhance the effects on the said group. But it lowers his status as a cost.
  • Spearmanship: Dix is mainly use to perform physical combat using a red spear he holds with him. As much experience with it, the spear happens to be imbued with his curse.



  • Dix's surname, Perdix, maybe a cultural reference to Daedalus' nephew in Greek mythology.
  • Dix could possibly be considered as one of the most heinous (or better yet the most detestable) villains yet in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Besides Ishtar, whom was known for literal rape and sex trafficking, Dix was responsible for the exposure of the Xenos when he sets Wiene to transform into her real form and indirectly caused her death thanks to Gran, but that also includes a fight between humans and Xenos as the result. Basically, he succeeded in making sure both Xenos and Humans never coexist for now after his death under Asterius.


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