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I'm gonna piss on your corpse!
~ One of the inmates to Daniel Lamb.

The Dixmor Inmates are minor antagonists featured in the first episode "Awakening" from the 2007 survival horror game Manhunt 2 by Rockstar Games. They are homicidal and insane thugs whose mental illness had gotten even worse due to inhumane experimentation in a bid to create ultimate killer under horrible and unsanitary living conditions. Inevitably, they are deemed as rejects by the Pickman Project.

One of the inmates was voiced by Jeff Gurner, who also voiced Paulie Sindacco in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.



Located somewhere in Cottonmouth, Dixmor Asylum was founded in 1932 by The Project. While it was meant to house mentally ill criminals, it was only the façade for the Project to cover up human experimentation, especially for the failed results of creating the ultimate killing machines.

Manhunt 2

A power outage occurs in the hospital, leading to many inmates escaping from their cells and starting a riot. One of these inmates are Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper.

Inmates are seen brutally beating and killing Asylum Orderlies, committing suicides and doing other repetitive and harmful actions typical for psychotic people. They involuntarily helped Daniel and Leo to escape by murdering some staff and distracting others.

It's unknown what became of the inmates after Daniel left the asylum, but there are two possible outcomes of their riot. The first possibility is that they all eventually were killed or put back into their cells. Another possibility is that they killed every single orderly and other workers at the asylum, then escaped to cause unknown amounts of havoc in Cottonmouth city or even turned the Dixmor Asylum into their base and formed a gang, similarly to the Smileys.


  • Tom: A harmless coprophiliac man wearing only a pair of white underpants and covered in his own feces. His basement cell has stains of excrement all over the floor and walls. While shouting things like "Attack!" and "Smack!", he can start throwing feces at anyone who passes by his cell. His other in-game versions are highly agitated and euphoric, making comments about playing with excrement, adrenaline and sexual innuendos in a childish and silly manner.
  • Sandwich Guy: A man who appears to have a tattoo on his mouth made in a way to seem like his mouth is stitched up. The Sandwich Guy has short dark hair and wears a standard green inmate outfit. He is obsessed with sandwiches and other kinds of food. His speech implies he is almost completely delusional, thinking of himself as a party host or café employee, serving various dishes to someone, similar to one of the Smiley members from the first Manhunt. It's possible that he could be a victim of an experiment FR32 mentioned in Project's documents from Manhunt 2's official website. This is further reinforced by the fact that he sometimes complains about being hungry and perceives many things surrounding him as food (experiment researching solitary confinement and the effects it has on the development of cannibalism in a subject).
  • TV Guy: A patient fixated on television and cartoons with a child-like mentality, referring to Daniel as an "Ostrich", "Four Eyes", "Sniffy Bottom" and "Snagglepuss". He often talks about being inside of TV and wanting it to be fixed. His phrase about "two channels in his head" with one being for "nerds" and another being for "real men" likely means his swings between helplessness and violence. Looks like a bulky one-eyed man with a shaved head wearing standard inmate outfit. Could be a victim of a test with BZH-811 - a hallucinogenic drug tested on him during one of the experiments.
  • Sexual Maniac: A deviant patient who murdered one of the hospital orderlies, constantly screaming about "f*cking" someone and laughing maniacally. He mentions his "daddy" touching him somewhere and calls someone "Alpha Male" and "Dictator", which likely means he was sexually abused by his father during his childhood. He has also been known to talk about "people behind his eyes pushing them out" also makes him a victim of BZH-811 testing.
  • The Bandaged Ones: Some patients seem to have numerous wounds and disfigurements all over their body with dirty bandages and leather straps covering them. One of them urinates on Daniel Lamb upon spotting him near his cell and has "HELP ME" written on a wall with something white. A particular one inside a cell on the upper floor seems to be a religious fanatic, referring to Daniel as the "Devil". He is also heard encouraging Daniel to "sniff the chloroform in his pocket" and talks about desiring someone to be "unconscious, but not dead", implying he was be a rapist before his imprisonment. Project's documentation mentions several test subjects being burnt and surgically deformed during the two particular experiments.



  • According to a few audio files, there was originally going to also be female patients in the game, one of which was going to be tortured on the dentist's room's chair, but was replaced by a regular male model.
    • One of these female inmates, named Jane, had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), having a "Nice" personality and a "Dirty" personality who was somehow aware of Leo Kasper existing due to the line "Let's make a four-way!".
  • In a single mission they appear in, two Inmates commit suicide, two can be killed by Daniel (but can also be spared), and nine are killed by Asylum Orderlies.

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