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Now Vizion is my vision. No more beating around the bush with that "judge the planets" garbage. Just pure, catharctic destruction of all civilizations in sight!
~ Diz upon taking control of Project Vizion

Diz is one of the two main antagonists of the Riddle School series, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist in the first three games, an antagonist in Riddle School 4, the deuteragonist in Riddle School 5, and the main antagonist of Riddle Transfer, and Riddle Transfer 2.


Diz was the second-in-command Of Project Vizion, a project that was designed to rid the galaxy of evil. The leader of the project was Viz and the third-in-command was Quiz.

However, Viz came to the conclusion that Earth was evil, and used Zack to power a freeze ray potent enough to freeze the planet.

This scheme would seemingly come to an end when Diz released Phil from the dream world that he was in. Phil released the others and eventually froze Viz solid, and he was subsequently shattered.

But in truth, Diz simply wanted Viz out of the way so that he could destroy planets for personal pleasure. Unbeknownst to Phil, by freeing Diz from Area 5.1 he was helping him do so. Foreshadowing his true nature, he proceeded to abandon his four “friends” by leaving them to be recaptured by the FBI agents.

Fortunately, he is killed by Quiz in a heroic sacrifice by the latter (after Phil persuaded him to change his ways), putting an end to the project once and for all.



  • He was created by Jonochrome, who also made the entire One Night at Flumpty's cast.
  • Series creator Jonochrome stated in the early development that he had plans for Diz to redeem himself later on.
  • Diz is the final antagonist of Riddle School.


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