Fuhahaha... That thing won't work on me now. I've allied with the great power of Darkness!
~ The Djinn (NES Translation).

The Djinn, also known as the Jinn, is the first boss and a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy III. He is an evil genie, who had been imprisoned in a Mythril Ring. However, he breaks free when the great earthquake struck the world. In order to never get imprisoned again, he casts a curse upon the Kazus Village and Sasune Castle, turning everyone into ghosts.

Princess Sara helps the Warriors of light fight the Djinn, and once defeated the people he turned to ghosts return to normal.

Trapped again in the Mythril Ring, Princess Sara throws him in the castle's well, finishing him off for good.

In the NES version, the Djinn can easily be defeated by having a Black Mage casting Ice or using the Antartic Wind item. On the DS remake, since the jobs can only be obtained after defeating him, the player's best bet is use the Antartic Wind and keep attacking and healing whenever possible.



  • His name comes from the mythological creatures of Arabian folklore.


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