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The Warden of The Wall. There hasn't been any sort of breakout in the 50 years he's been in charge.
~ Dmitri's bio in Fleeing the Complex.
Ah. Hello, Henry. Welcome... to The Wall. Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here. And now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin. You're going to be here for a long time. Grigori, take him.
~ Dmitri Petrov's first and most famous words.
You've taken everything from me. My reputation is ruined. Now I will ruin you!
~ Dmitri's optional last words to Henry Stickmin.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov, also known as the Warden, is a major antagonist in the Henry Stickmin video-game series.

He is the main antagonist of Fleeing the Complex and a major antagonist in Completing the Mission.

He is the head of the Canadian prison complex known as The Wall and the boss of Grigori Olyat, his right hand man. Although in most routes Henry escapes without Dmitri noticing, there have been times when he's alarmed of Henry's escape.


He lost quite a few teeth in the escape incident so now he speaks with a lisp.
~ Dmitri's bio in Completing the Mission.

Dmitri's appearance is of an adult character and is in charge of The Wall for fifty years, showing that he's very old. He also wears black shoes. When he returns in Completing the Mission, he is seen with his teeth visibly damaged by the hit Ellie delivered him back in The Wall.


Dmitri shows to be impressed of Henry's skills, even admiring how he managed to cause a breakout despite The Wall has never suffered anything like that in the fifty years he's been in charge. However, Dmitri is also a very arrogant individual who is concerned about his reputation.

After he reappears in Completing the Mission, he's become more vicious and vengeful on his goal to recapture Henry and Ellie for the incidents caused in The Wall, going as far as knocking out Ellie from behind and personally wanting to kill Henry by himself. He mentions having a reputation as the warden of The Wall, but all of it was ruined because of Henry's breakout, swearing to ruin Henry's life as revenge.

It's clear he's not into upholding the law. Three prisoners, Lil Mikey, who was simply in a bad moment, Pierre Francois, who's just a baguette thief, and Ooba, who's a thawed-out cavement, are clearly not deserving of being sentenced in maximum security prison. However, he seems to track on actual criminals as well, given that Gastro is wanted by the government, showing that he will go after a criminal, not caring how serious their crimes are, implying he will treat each and every criminal equally. But since the government isn't aware of Gastro's location, it's clear that Dmitri is a self-serving individual without concern of international government bodies. It's shown even more by the fact that his workers will attack Charles Calvin, a member of the government.

Dmitri is very skilled as a warden, as since he's been in charge, there wasn't any breakout.



Not much is known about Dmitri's backstory besides the fact that he was the Warden for 50 years and before the events of Fleeing the Complex, imprisoned hundreds, if not thousands of criminals, including a few members of the Toppat Clan and Ellie Rose.

Fleeing the Complex

At the start of the game, Dmitri shows interest on Henry's previous crimes as he speaks with Grigori, his right hand man. Dmitri welcomes Henry to the prison and threats him that he will meet the most cunning criminals on the world. Dmitri is the main antagonist of every route except The Betrayed. Despite this, he plays a major role in only two endings.

After Henry starts a riot and attempts to escape with Ellie, Petrov tackles Henry and prepares to recapture him. However, Ellie knocks him out cold with a stop sign before the two escape. Petrov was left unconscious by the blow.

After being notified of Henry's escape, he informs the guards about Henry and tells them that Henry is likely heading for the surface.

He reappears at the end of the game, where Henry is trapped inside a truck hanging over a ravine. He tells Henry that he can either return to The Wall, or stay in the truck and die. When Henry does not answer, Petrov kicks the truck over and assumes Henry died after hearing the truck crash. He then angrily returns with his men to the complex, not knowing Henry grabbed on the cliff and survived.

Completing the Mission

Presumed Dead endings

Dmitri is the unseen overarching antagonist of three of the four endings following Presumed Dead. He is an unseen major villain in the fourth one (Little Nest Egg), where the role of the overarching antagonist goes to the Right Hand Man.

Pure-Blooded Thief/Convict Allies

In the Pure-Blooded Thief/Convict Allies route, Dmitri makes his only physical appearance. Petrov and The Wall's staff are chasing down Henry and Ellie who try to hide in a Toppat Clan base in hopes of joining them, with Dmitri sending an entire squad, with tanks, after the duo. Henry and Ellie manage to infiltrate the space station and meet Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man, but Dmitri and Grigori appear behind them demanding Henry and Ellie to surrender and return to the prison complex. Shortly after that, Charles Calvin appears, a member of the government who is an expert at flying and encountered Henry before. The duo have a choice between joining the Toppats, The Wall, Charles, or no one. Only two options lead to an ending.

If the player sides with the Toppats, Reginald and the RHM give Henry and Ellie guns, and the duo shoot Grigori and Dmitri. Although Grigori was killed, Dmitri survived, and decides to outright kill Henry and Ellie. He knocks out Ellie and chokes Henry, saying that he will ruin him because the latter ruined Dmitri's reputation. As Dmitri prepares to punch Henry, Henry quickly dodges, picks up Dmitri, and throws him off the rocket to his death. Ellie survives getting hit by Dmitri and the duo join the Toppat Clan.

If the player sides with Charles, the trio destroy the entire rocket, killing everyone inside the rocket, including Dmitri and Grigori.

Triple Threat

Dmitri himself doesn't appear, but the Toppat Orbital Station landed back at The Wall, which makes it likely that Dmitri arrested all the Toppats.


Fleeing the Complex

Convict Allies

Well, if it isn't Henry. There has not been an incident here in 50 years, and the day you show up, this happens. You are going to regret every- huh?
~ Petrov before being knocked out by Ellie.

Presumed Dead

Yes, go ahead.
~ Dmitri before learning Henry escaped.
Attention. We have an escaped convict. He was last seen heading towards the surface. Don't make me do this myself.
~ Dmitri announcing Henry escaped.
I have to say, Henry, I'm impressed. Really, I am. You're the first person to escape The Wall, but this is the end for you. You got two options here, Henry: stay in there, or you return with us back to the complex. What's it going to be, Henry? (Henry doesn't answer) Hmm, well that's just too bad (pushes Henry's truck over). Alright everyone, back to work! I will not forget about this. This is coming out of your paycheck, all of you.
~ Petrov pushing Henry's truck over a cliff in the Presumed Dead ending.

Completing the Mission

I'm on the way. Send in the entire squad!
~ Petrov ordering his squad to move towards Henry and Ellie's location.
Don't worry about them. Focus on Henry. And the girl.
~ Petrov orders his squad to ignore the government and the Toppat Clan, and focus on capturing Henry and Ellie.
Don't move! Those two belong to me!
~ Dmitri and Grigori catch up to Henry and Ellie.
You two will never see the light of day again!
~ Petrov to Henry and Ellie if the player chose The Wall during the final confrontation.


  • He serves as the overall main antagonist of the entire Pure Blooded Thief/Convict Allies storylines.
  • Dmitri's death in Completing the Mission is similar to Reginald's death in one of the fails in Infiltrating the Airship and Henry's "death" in Fleeing the Complex.
  • Dmitri is the most serious and darkest character in the series, having no comedic moments and always being completely serious.
  • Dmitri is the only major villain in the franchise who is always hostile toward Henry, regardless of the player's choices. Even if the player sides with him in the Pure-Blooded Thief/Convict Allies pathway, he responds by promising Henry and Ellie that they will never see the light of day again, after which a fail screen appears in which Henry and Ellie are both frozen in ice in The Wall.
  • Despite being mostly non-action, he's surprisingly tough.
    • In Fleeing the Complex, he's hit with a stop sign at what is possibly highway speeds, and he only gets knocked out and loses a few teeth.
    • In the Toppat Recruits ending of Completing the Mission, he manages to survive getting shot with two AK-47's and enter a fist fight with Henry, dying only when Henry throws him off the rocket.
  • In the Master Bounty Hunter route, it is seen that Henry is after someone known as Gastro the Toilet Wizard. However, Gastro is a prisoner at The Wall. The Master Bounty Hunter route takes place after International Rescue Operative, so unless Gastro broke out off-screen, it can be presumed that Dmitri has apprehended some criminals without even telling the government.
  • Dmitri is the only villain in the series that has no redeeming qualities. The only thing close to this is the fact that his workers are mostly well-treated.
  • It seems like Dmitri wanted to kill Henry and Ellie only after the duo shot Dmitri and Grigori, killing the latter and injuring the former. However, some of Dmitri's workers already wanted to kill Henry and Ellie.
  • Despite not being the main antagonist, Dmitri is without a doubt the most evil character in the series.
  • He is arguably the mascot of Fleeing the Complex.
  • The Government and The Wall don't know eachother. A worker of The Wall calls them "some other government", and the Government questions who The Wall is.
  • Despite The Wall knowing who the Toppat Clan is, their leader learns about them only in the The Betrayed ending. Ironically, there is at least one mole for the Toppats inside The Wall.
  • Dmitri managed to ally himself with the Center for Chaos Containment.
    • The CCC have a liason inside The Wall that will alarm the organization if chaos is happening inside the complex.
    • The Wall and the CCC will attack the Government. However, the CCC never appears in any chaotic situation that involes The Wall, possibly because the CCC often contains chaos by making even more chaos, which would hurt The Wall.
  • Despite The Wall being set in Canada, a clear majority of the workers, including Dmitri, are Russian, which made fans think The Wall is placed in Syberia.
  • Dmitri has a certificate for achieving a diploma at the fictional University of Troika. Troika is a Russian folk dance.
    • This was also the only way to know his name before The Henry Stickmin Collection was released.
  • Dmitri and Gregori both have Russian Accents. However, Gregori has an thicker accent then Dmitri.