Dmitrii Blinov is the secondary antagonist of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. He is one of the potential successors to Count Dracula who inherited Dracula's power of Mimicry. Dimitrii would stop at nothing to inherit Dracula's vacant throne, which he considers to be rightfully his.

He was voiced by Hidehiko Kaneko.


Dracula was destroyed for good in 1999 and his Castlevania was sealed into a solar eclipse, bringing what everyone hoped to be the end of the conflict between Good and Evil. Unfortunately, Dracula was reincarnated and three men born the exact same day of his destruction inherited some of his Dark Powers. Among them Graham Jones, Dario Bossi and Dmitrii himself, who gained the power to copy the abilities of others.

36 years later in 2035, Graham entered the Castlevania and attempted to take it over, only to get killed in battle by Soma Cruz, the true reincarnation of Dracula who rejected his Dark Legacy. However, even Soma's victory over Chaos, the source of all Evil, was not enough to destroy Evil. One year later, the Dark Priestess Celia Fortner invited Dmitrii, Dario and Soma into the Castlevania lookalike she had created, organizing a competition to see who would prevail and earn the title of the new King of the Night.

In the game, Dmitrii first appears as someone rash and arrogant who follows Celia's orders, but this is a cover. He is in fact cunning, ambitious and extremely conceited. He feels that only he is worthy of the throne of Dracula and is willing to destroy any opposition. At one point, Soma witnesses him killing a Malachi monster: a Cthulhu-looking demon.

When fought as a boss, Dmitrii attacks Soma with a dagger and with the Malachi's special attack "Nightmare": a huge sphere of ghostly energy, that moves slowly and can be jumped over. Dmitrii instantly copies whatever attack Soma strikes him with and uses it instead of "Nightmare", so it is advised to only strike him with normal weapons or to make him copy the least dangerous attack possible. Dmitrii is agile, spry and quite adept in dodging Soma's attacks, but all in all he is not very hard to defeat.

Dmitrii apparently dies at the end of the fight and Soma absorbs his soul, due to his own power of Dominance. If the player triggers the bad ending (during which Soma becomes the King of Night) or the regular ending (during witch Soma trashes Celia's plan), Dmitrii never reappears and is thought dead.

If on the contrary Soma manages to see through Celia's deceit and resist corruption, it is revealed that Dmitrii intended to have his soul absorbed by Soma, so that he would copy his Power of Dominance from the inside. He then possesses a doppelganger to be reborn physically and departs with Celia within the Abyss of the Castle. There, he uses Celia (whom he no longer needs) as a sacrifice and summons countless demons to defeat Dracula's son Alucard, who tracked him down and tried to stop him.

He later absorbs the souls of as many demons as possible to gain their powers and become invincible. However, as his Power of Dominance is merely a copy of Soma's, Dmitrii cannot keep all these souls under his control. Just when Soma confronts him and their rematch is about to begin, the souls inside of him merge together into a gargantuan abomination named Menace, which overwhelms Dmitrii and violently bursts out of his back, killing him instantly.

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