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Dobkeratops is a recurring boss in the R-Type series, appearing as a boss in all games (with the exception of R-Type LEO, understandable since it is a spin-off). The Dobkeratops are a species of Bydo, having a elongated head and long tail. From it's chest bursts a second head, which is usually the monster's weakness. Each version is considered a subspecies, with it's own attacks. While it usually appeared early in the games, later games put it on more advanced stages

Dobkeratops appearances

The first appearance of Dobkeratops, and also the most simple. The very first boss in the game, it's only attack is shooting from the chest head.
The second form of Dobkeratops, called Dobkeratops Remains, it is a armored variant, shooting homing lasers and a beam from the chest's orb, which acts as it's weakness. Destroying the helmet will reveal Dobkeratops face.
The third form of Dobkeratops, called Dobkeratops Albino. It appears as one of the many forms taken by the shape-shifting boss Phantom Cell, acting the same way as in the first game.
The fourth form of Dobkeratops, called Subkeratom. It's main form of attack is spitting insects that release small eel-like creatures when destroyed. After the protection in the chest-head is destroyed, it attempts to engulf the player with it's tail.
The last form of Dobkeratops, called Dobkeratops Mattuchius. This one is a rotting form suspended inside a large vat with liquid fluid. It will send various small creatures and attack with it's tongue, which is now it's weakness. After the tongue is destroyed the head will fall off, leaving only the torso, which acts independently.