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It's all gonna be okay. Ain't nothin' gonna happen that you got to worry about, Sammy.
~ Doc Benton to Sam Winchester.

Doc Benton was the main antagonist of the Supernatural episode "Time is On My Side". In 1816, Benton, an ordinary doctor, found the secret to becoming immortal. He became a serial killer and took people's organs to continually replace his own, as they kept "wearing out". Thus, he effectively became immortal. He was portrayed by Billy Drago, who also notably portrayed Barbas on the TV show Charmed.


Years ago, John Winchester, father of Sam and Dean Winchester, encountered Benton and seemingly killed him when he cut his heart out using a chainsaw. However, he just got a new heart and continued killing.

When Sam and Dean learn of the killings matching his M.O, they begin investigating the case (Sam doing so also because he is looking for a way to save Dean from his incoming deal as part of a deal he made with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead.) Though Benton managed to kidnap Sam, Dean rescues him and knocks Benton out. Benton tries to convince Dean he can help him become immortal and never go to Hell. Dean thinks it over and denies his offer, not wanting to become something that isn't human. Doc Benton is last seen being buried alive by the Winchester brothers.

It is evident that Benton was quite insane. He always maintained a calm composure when he was performing his surgery, even when his victims were screaming in pain. It's possible that this was a side effect of his extreme desire to maintain his immortality. He also appeared to be quite sadistic, as seen when he had Sam captured and bound up, even chuckling when Dean tried to kill him. Doc Benton managed to retain his surgeon skills, managing to cut the organs out of his victims with very precise surgical precision, as noted by the coroner, that he "knew his way around a scalpel". Due to the fact he cannot replace his organs when he is buried, he will eventually die.


According to Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal he is as a revenant.