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Gou, we sure lived a weird life.
~ Arashi's final words to Gou before sacrificing himself.

Doctor Ashura is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt and a supporting antagonist in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

He was originally a gangster named Arashi Busujima who had his intelligence artificially amplified by Great Professor Bias, enabling him to join Volt and compete with Bias's other students.

After experimenting on himself, Ashura gains the ability to summon a trio of backup fighters called Shura to assist him in battle.

He is portrayed by Yoshinori Okamoto, who previously played Bio Hunter Silva, Adjutant Booba, Bo Gardan and Oyobu in the Super Sentai franchise.


Arashi was originally the leader of a street gang called the "New Mafia". After one of his men was converted into an Apeman by Baboon Brain, Ashura tracks him down and uses the Brain Beast to commit crimes, later coming into conflict with the Livemen. Impressed by Arashi holding his own against Red Falcon, after the Livemen destroyed the Baboon Brain Great Professor Bias had Arashi brought on board the Brain Base. There he increased Arashi's intelligence to the level of a super genius, converting him into an even stronger cyborg in the process, and recruited him to join Volt.

Ashura's induction into Volt gave Doctor Kemp, Doctor Mazenda and Doctor Obular yet another student to compete against. Not long after joining Volt, Ashura experimented on himself to give himself the ability to summon a trio of fighters he dubbed his "Shura" to assist him in combat.

While committed to the goals of Volt, Ashura was not without his humane moments. After Mazenda lost her silver heart necklace in her scheme involving Twin Brain, Ashura picked it up and returned it to her.

Bias would later begin work on a mysterious project he dubbed only the "Giga Plan", and gave Ashura and his other students homework in the form of creating a durable metal called Gigazo that was necessary for the plan. Ashura managed to complete his homework but was beat out by Kemp, who was the first to synthesize the metal. Because of this, when Bias unveiled the Giga Plan as a massive mecha called the Giga Volt, Kemp was rewarded by being allowed to pilot it. After the Giga Volt was trapped in its own Giga Field by Live Boxer, Ashura hijacked the mecha from Kemp after Bias destroyed the Giga Field, calling Kemp unworthy to pilot it for getting caught in his own trap. Bias allowed Ashura to take control of the mecha and ordered him to use it to attack a nearby city in order to demonstrate the full extent of its power. However, after Live Boxer combined with Live Robo, the newly formed Super Live Robo fought and destroyed the Giga Volt.

With the deaths of Guildos and Butchy, Ashura became one of the three remaining students of Bias. After noticing Kemp and Mazenda were several hundred points higher than him, Ashura became determined to boost his IQ to reach 1,000 points first and created Hacker Brain to help him become stronger by absorbing knowledge from computers. He was soon confronted by Red Falcon, who defeated his Shuras by himself before fighting back Ashura. Red Falcon then proceeded to taunt Ashura, telling him that he had actually become a weaker fighter by joining Volt because now he only fought with his head, whereas Arashi Busujima fought with his whole body. Ashura angrily rebuffed Red Falcon before leaving to review how many points he had gained.

Despite all the knowledge he absorbed however, when Ashura checked his score on Volt's computer he was befuddled to see his score had not gone up one point. Ashura then ordered Hacker Brain to access the Brain Base's computers to see if something was wrong, but Hacker Brain inadvertently accessed the Brain Base's secret Giga Brain system instead and come across digital documents relating to the Giga Brain Wave. Ashura was unsure of what to make of the documents, but this led Bias to finally decided to dispose of Arashi. Bias fired a homing beam from his ring at Ashura that revoked his super intelligence and reverted him to his normal, unmodified form as Arashi Busujima.

Back to his original form, Arashi panicked as he realized he had lost his super intelligence. He was then taken by the Liveman to protect him from Volt, and later met up with Goh again. After seeing the Livemen struggle with Battle Brain, Arashi decided to enter the fight himself. Before he did so, he asked Gou what 4 + 8 was and thanked him after he gave him the answer, saying that now he could fight with a clear head. He then straps dynamite to himself and makes a suicide run on Battle Brain, succeeding in destroying it at the cost of his own life.

After his death, Bias implies to Kemp and Mazenda that the only reason he recruited Ashura into Volt was to make them try harder.



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