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Doctor Capel-Smith is the main antagonist from the "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" third season episode "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse".

He was portrayed by James W. Carroll.


He once worked as a museum's archaeologist and Egyptologist. Professor James Dugan was his associate. Capel-Smith craved for the Egyptian sarcophagus of Mina for decades. He was mostly interested in finding the Ring of Eternity, He believed that this enchanted ring would grant him immortality.  Mina's sarcophagus was finally found in the 1990s. He was certain that his brilliant colleague Professor Dugan had found the anicent historic ring. He susbequently proceeded to break into Professor Dugan's house. There he tore the whole place apart trying to find it. He was still inside/ when he saw Dugan's two teenage children Josh and Cleo run inside blurting out loud that they had found it. He knew his colleague possibly had plans to report and return the mummy to a proper museum in Egypt. Therefore he raced back to the museum. There he ran up to him and knocked him with a chloroform soaked rag. Next he dosed many of the crates in the museum's  basement with kerosene. making the place very flammable. Then later, he encountered Professor Dugan and his children in the museum basement. He told them that he did intend to use the ring for himself and told them that he drenched the crates in the basement with kerosene. So therefore if they did not give the ring to him he would light the torch and drop it. Then the whole museum would burn down with them all inside. Cleo was convinced and sternly talked Josh into giving him the ring. He was about to leave them all inside and burn the museum down with them in it, because he didn't want the authorities to being tracking him for all of eternity. Cleo beckons him to at least show them if the ring even works. Getting excited he decides to try it out right away, he puts the ring on his finger and at first he glows in a pleasant blue aura. He claimed that he felt wonderful and that they were now gazing at an immortal. Then suddenly, the Dugans all shieled their eyes. Then he suddenly begun to glow in a Green aura. He trembled and panicked. Then he said that he could not move and he instantly turned into a solid rock Egyptian statue. What he did not know was that they also had the Elixir of Life. The actual curse was Doctor Capel-Smith only used the ring. So therefore, he was granted eternity in the form of an Egyptian stone statue. If he had poured some of the Elixir onto his pinky before putting the ancient historic enchanted ring on, it would have worked properly. 

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