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Cid with Venat

Spend your pity elsewhere. If you're so bent on running, shouldn't be best be off? Fool of a pirate.
~ Dr. Cid to Balthier, as he fades away in a cloud of magical mist.

Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (in Japanese: シドルファス・デム・ブナンザ, Shidorufasu Demu Bunanza, or Dr. Cid/Doctor Cid (in Japanese: ドクター・シド, Dokutā Shido) as he is better known, is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XII, and the first Cid to ever be an antagonist.

He was voiced by John Rafter Lee.


Cid has silver hair, beard and moustache and wears silver, oval eyeglasses. He wears silver shoe-leggings with gold designs, and red-and-black coat, also with gold ornaments. He also has white cuffs and collar.


Studying ancient relics of time, Cid discovers the power encased in magicite. Through deeper research, he finds more information about the stones and slowly starts to lose his mind only to let people control their lives.

Six years before the main story of Final Fantasy XII, Dr. Cid traveled to the Jadg Difhor on an expedition into the Mist-covered waste. It is not known whether it was a primarily exploration-driven mission, or whether he already had some idea of what he was looking for and what he would find there. Either way, he stumbled upon the Ancient City of Giruvegan, where he met the rogue Occuria Venat, and discovered the nature of the stone of the gods, nethicite.

Venat, for reasons unknown, took Cid on as its pupil, and together they found out how to synthetically produce manufacted nethicite in Archade's Draklor Laboratory. It is not known what happened to the other members of the expedition. Over time, he slowly became obsessed with the stone, and with putting "the reins of history back in the hands of man". Everyone, including his own son, saw his sanity slowly slipping, as he constantly talked to someone who was not there. Cid believes that everything he does, even the destruction of Nabudis, is with mankind's best interest at heart.

Cid has three sons, Ffamran being the third. However, once Cid became obsessed with nethicite, Ffamran ran away. Apparently, he could not bear to see Cid enslaved by the stone's power. However, years later, they met up again when the player party invades the Draklor Laboratory with Reddas. Cid evades them, forcing Ashe and group into a wild goose chase at Giruvegan.

By the time they cross paths at Pharos at Ridorana Cid integrates the three nethicite shards at Dynast King Raithwall cut back into the Sun-Cryst before fighting his son while the Sun-Cryst undergoes a meltdown. Defeated a second time, Balthier and his father share a final, short moment with each other before Cid is consumed by mist. However, even to his dying breath, Cid believed what he was doing was right as his final creation, the Sky Fortress Bahamut, siphoned enough of the Sun-Cryst energy to activate.

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