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I've never liked that name (John). It's so ordinary especially for someone who has such big things in store. You know a DESTINY! Oh I like it Doctor Destiny, what do you think?
~ Dee's conversation to Penny before driving her to insanity.
You know I could let you go. It's the others that are the problem, we're like Insects to them. They step on us and ruin our lives but don't even realize it. But you're different!!!
~ Doctor Destiny to Batman on his view.

Doctor Destiny is an inmate named John Dee at Stryker's island who used to work for Lex Corp. After an experiment in the island it gave him psychic powers which he wanted to use in order to get the admiration of all the Supervillains who fought the Justice League. Therefore he was bent on vengeance and the mission of beating his new enemies in torturous ways. He is the main antagonist of Justice League: Only A Dream.

He is voiced by William Atherton.


John Dee was a Lex Corp worker who was arrested by the Justice League after being found with smuggled weapons at a warehouse. Soon after he was sent to Stryker's island where he got along with the Warden and other personnel there, but deep inside he had other devious plans. All he longed for was the admiration from the other villains the Justice League fought, imagining himself as Doctor Destiny. With the Materioptikon which was an Experimental ESP machine, he for a short period of time could experience these dreams. Although he wanted more power with the device that addicted him.

In his personal life he had a wife Penny who broke up with him and this made him finally snap. Exposing himself to all that energy during a prison break, this allowed him to become enhanced with psychic abilities and knew this was the time to get his goals going. Firstly he went to his ex- wife when she was with her new boyfriend. Motivated by spite, he came to Penny in her dreams and tormented her. While she told him to go away he wouldn't and she tried to wake up her boyfriend. When nothing worked he shed his skin revealing his dream persona. This was enough to drive her insane and she began screaming unable to wake again. All while Doctor Destiny relished in her fate. Furthermore, after being in a coma for hours she died with nothing being able to be done.

Moving on to his next plan he decided to invade the dreams of the League. He first attacked the Flash who was just running away from monster children when they were watching a movie. When he was running Flash noticed that time stopped. Destiny arrived and told him that he was the fastest man alive but he would need to spend the rest of his existence frozen in time, with nobody to talk to and no way of waking up. The telephone in Wally's mind wouldn't budge and soon disappeared (which was his alarm).

Then he came into Superman's mind where he was having a dinner date with Lois Lane. They were chatting but then his heat vision went out of control and burned the menu. Then it proceeded to instantly burn Lois to death and Superman lay waste to Metropolis. With Green Lantern he became a monster and outcast to people who he knew and was corrupted by Destiny to give himself up and become a submissive slave. Lastly, he buried Hawkgirl alive while disguised as Martian Manhunter at first. With all these dreams being invaded Martian Manhunter needed to rescue his friends.

With Green Lantern about to be coursed into going inside a giant green lantern, Martian Manhunter told him that he isn't a monster and irritated Destiny attacked him to prove dominance. This was to no avail as Green Lantern gained his consciousness back and escaped his nightmare. Next was Superman who had just crushed his friend Jimmy to death and was being driven to insanity viewing himself as a destructive being. Although Martian Manhunter made him face his nightmare and he ultimately triumphed. There was a battle in Flash's dream and he soon made time move again much to Destiny's dismay and rage. Ultimately, Hawkgirl too was saved and they foiled Doctor Destiny's main plot.

In the real world though he had to be beat and that was Batman's job. The dark knight never slept and when in a mirror maze put by Destiny he beat the constant urge and found the real one about to inject him with a syringe. Instead Batman punched him and the Doctor was the one to finally be put to rest in his own nightmares.

Later he joined Lex Luthor but was killed by Darkseid.


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