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Seems lover boy is not quite himself today.
~ Doctor Doom
Victor? Ha. the name from the past. You may call me... Doctor Doom. Faithful not ten years ago gave what I am today. I had such an unbearable hatred for you Reed, for turning me into this! Look at it! See it! If it amuses you and I hear you will face the losses you forget. I knew you would be the picking instrument of my revenge! Adjusting and what is in each of you is all in me. Hahahahaha... Well, imagine that.
~ Doctor Doom to Mr. Fantastic.

Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, is the main antagonist of the 1994 unreleased superhero film Fantastic Four. Victor was a classmate with Reed Richards and Ben Grimm in collage who was nearly killed in an accident when both he and Reed try to capture the power of a comet called Colossus. He survived the accident and goes by the named Doctor Doom.

He as portrayed by Joseph Culp.


Early life

Victor von Doom alongside his best friend Reed Richards, Doom conceived an experiment, which aimed to control the immense energy of the comet called Colossus, passing nearby Earth atmosphere. Despite their calculations being correct, the two decided to proceed with the experiment. However, it ended in disaster and Victor was apparently killed in the following explosions that resulted. In reality, Victor was horrifically scarred and wore a metal mask to hide his disfigurements and became the villainous Doctor Doom.

Current Events

A decade later Doctor Doom kidnapped Alicia Masters and threatened to both kill her and destroy New York as well. The Fantastic Four came back to Latveria to face him. Inside Castle Von Doom, Reed and the others were easily captured by one of Doom's machines, but Richards used his elastic powers to elude the force field which held them captive and used the laser meant to steal their powers against the restraining device.

After knocking out some guards, Reed finally had a chance to face his old friend and fought with him. Despite the many weapons hidden in his armor, Doctor Doom was no match for Mr. Fantastic's elongating powers and was defeated. Although Reed tried to save him, Doctor Doom apparently met his end falling from the walls of Castle Doom.


Victor is an extremely intelligent individual. It has been speculated that he is the most intelligent man on earth, second only to Reed Richards, though Victor himself would dispute that fact. Victor is also extremely arrogant. His hubris and constant underestimation of his foes are what often leads to his defeat.


The Jeweler: Stand back or I'll shoot her!
Doctor Doom: Go ahead.
The Jeweler: I mean it!
Doctor Doom: No, please don't let me stop you.
~ The Jeweler holding Alica hostage.


  • While Earth-616's Doctor Doom is grim and famously lacking any sense of humor, Earth-94000's Doom is constantly ironic in his speeches and has a trademark maniacal laughter.
  • It's quite curious that during the movie Doom mimics everything he's saying. Although the real reason is that Joseph Culp wanted to add expressively to a character that didn't leave space for facial expression, it can be intended, in the movie's economy, that Doom just considers everyone before him as stupid inferior beings that wouldn't understand his words.


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