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Victor Von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, is the main antagonist of the animated series Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. He is the evil Monarch of Latveria and the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.

He was voiced by Paul Dobson, who also voices the character in video games, voiced Mole Man and Captain Ultra in the same series, and Dwight Boykin, Naraku, Graham Aker, and Sideways.


Victor Von Doom was presumably born and raised in the small European nation, Latveria, and attended college in America. There, he met Reed Richards, and would blame him for one his experiments going wrong, in actuality, he sabotaged it himself. Doom created a suit of armor and a mask to hide his appearance, and would become the monarch of Latveria after conquering it. In addition, Doom had diplomatic immunity, meaning the American police couldn't arrest him, as he was head of state. Doom would begin to plan his revenge against Reed Richards, and would attempt many times to destroy the Fantastic Four.

In his first appearance, Doctor Doom succeeds in switching minds with Richards, but would return to his body after seeing his face. Richards tells Victor that his insecurities, particularly his face, are his greatest adversary. Doom would later manipulate Ben Grim, Susan and Johnny Storm to believe that Reed had intentionally caused them to be expose to the cosmic rays. While this was going, Doom had opened an interdimensional portal that had monsters to destroy New York, and take over the world. After his defeat, Ben would forgive Reed for his false accusations.

Doom would continue to attempt to destroy the Fantastic Four, notably causing them to switch powers, and taking them to a reality where they didn't get their powers.


Doom, like any other enemy, is ruthless, cunning and intelligent and would destroy the Fantastic Four and take over the world at any cost. Despite being a intelligent man, his greatest weakness was his arrogance and vanity, as they both caused him to be defeated numerous times by the Fantastic Four.

Powers & Abilities

Doom created a series of robots called Doombots which he programs to follow his ever will including to take out the Fantastic Four. He also created other devices.


  • This version wears a large green coat with a hood over his Adamantium body armor, as opposed to a traditional cloak.


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