Doctor Herman Pynchot

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Doctor Herman Pynchot is one the villains of the Stephen King book and movie, Firestarter.

He was portrayed by the late Moses Gunn.


A doctor, scientist, and employee at the evil, secret government agency and experimented on both Andy and Charlie. He introduced himself to them and told them the reason why they are both there. He and other villain, Captain Hollister, gave Charlie presents so she does what they tell her and cooperate. He also tested Andy and made sure they were separated.

He is the one, who lets other villains, including John Rainbird, know that the reason why Charlie agrees to cooperate and do the tests to show them her power is so she can see her dad, Andy, and Doctor Pynchot told them she must never see him and the possibility of if she did see him she would do as he said and probably kill them all. He later says although he's over joyed with Charlie's ability he still wants to see more. Towards the end of the movie, he is burned and killed by Charlie.

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