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I wanna also return to my childhood days. I feel so nostalgic. If I can only return.
~ Kemp'a final words, now like a bodyless brain, expressing his desires of a chance to return to humanity like Bias.

Doctor Kemp is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt and a major antagonist in Chojuu Sentai Liveman.

He was originally Kenji Tsukigata, a top student of Academia Island and a colleague of Yusuke Amamiya who received an offer to join Volt from Great Professor Bias and was accepted in after completing a special test. After boarding a shuttle to the Brain Base with his fellow recruits, Rui Senda and Gou Omura, Kenji gunned down Takuji Yano and Mari Aikawa when they tried to stop him before leaving, leading their three surviving friends to become the Livemen in order to stop them if they returned.

Through his biotechnology implants, Kemp has the ability to assume a fighting form called Beauty Beast Kemp. He later upgrades himself into Fear Beast Kemp in order to improve his grade within the Volt. After having his brain be extracted, Kemp's brainless body became the Fear Beast Zuno.

He was portrayed by Yutaka Hirose, who was also known for portraying other Sentai villains including Emperor Tranza, Leh Wanda, and Jin Matoba.



During his time studying at Academia, Kenji Tsukigata sought to develop a way to make humans immune to any disease via biotechnology. In one particular instance, Kenji was able to develop a rose that never wilted which he dubbed the "Kenji Rose" and gave it to a girl named Mai, whose mother was ill. Because her mother got better not long after, Mai believed Kenji's rose was responsible and had saved her mother.

Kenji would later be scouted by Great Professor Bias as a potential candidate to join Volt. Bias sent Kenji and his colleague Rui Senda a special test to complete and once they both aced it, they were accepted in. However, their colleague Gou Omura found out about the test and became frustrated that he had not received one, leading him to plead with Bias to be let in as well. Bias agreed to allow him in, partly out of pity and partly to give his other students someone to compete against. In the time after passing the test, Kenji's ego became magnified. Under Bias's guidance, Kenji abandoned his earlier dreams of using science to help humanity and instead came to believe that humans were foolish creatures who needed geniuses like him to rule over them.

On the eve where Kenji, Rui and Gou were supposed to leave Academia to join Bias, the shuttle from the Brain Base was noticed by five of their colleagues, Takuji Yano, Mari Aikawa, Yusuke Amamiya, Megumi Misaki and Jou Ohara. The five of them went to confront their friends, but Kenji pulled out a pistol to gun them all down, killing Takuji and Mari when they shielded their friends from harm. Kenji then departed with Rui and Gou in the shuttle, arriving at the Brain Base and coming to face-to-face with Bias for the first time, who accepted them all as his students.

In the two years since that day, Kenji's knowledge and IQ became vastly increased under his tutelage from Bias, and Kenji came to be the most loyal of his students. In this time, Kenji took up a new identity as "Doctor Kemp" modified himself using biotechnology to grant himself the ability to assume a monstrous fighting form called "Beauty Beast Kemp".


Two years after he and his colleagues had first departed from the island, Kemp returned to Academia alongside Doctor Mazenda and Doctor Obular on the day of their space shuttle launch, destroying the shuttle with Boffler Fighters before leading an attack on the island. Kemp, Mazenda and Obular mercilessly massacred many of their former Academia colleagues before being confronted by Yusuke, Megumi and Jou, who revealed that in the time since the three had left they had expected that they would return and became the Livemen in order to avenge their colleagues by stopping them.

Initially, Kemp, Mazenda and Obular competed among themselves to create Brain Beasts to defeat the Livemen and win Bias's approval. However, Bias would later make a curious decision when he brought in dimwitted gangster Arashi Busujima to join them, modifying him into Doctor Ashura and amplifying his intelligence to make him a super-genius. Ashura's arrival led Kemp and the others to become much more competitive, with them striving even harder to defeat the Livemen and outdo the new pupil.

Bias would later receive another new student in the form of Guildos, a Guildian alien who traveled across space after hearing of Bias's genius in order to join Volt and study under him, leading to a rivalry between Bias's human students and his alien ones. Seeking to prove himself the smartest of Bias's students even in the face of a genius from space, Kemp used Doctor Obular, who had recently been cast out of Volt after losing his monster form, to create another Brain Beast in the Obular Brain. However, the Beast was defeated by the Livemen with help from Obular, who reverted to being Gou Omura.

Giga Plan

Bias would later begin work on a mysterious project he dubbed only the "Giga Plan", and gave Kemp and his other students homework in the form of creating a durable metal called Gigazo that was necessary for the plan. Kemp was first to finish his homework and used the leftover Gigazo he had to create Sword Brain, who wielded a powerful sword made out of Gigazo metal.

Kemp piloting Giga Volt.

Bias would eventually unveil the Giga Plan as being a massive mecha called the "Giga Volt". As Kemp was first to finish his homework, he was selected by Bias to pilot the Giga Volt against the Livemen. With the might of the Giga Volt, Kemp easily crushed the Livemen while they were in Live Robo. As Kemp tossed the Live Robo around however, the Livemen received help from two new mysterious mecha - Bison Liner and Sai Fire, who helped them to escape. The two mecha turned out to be piloted by Tetsuya Yano and Junichi Aikawa, the younger brothers of Takuji and Mari, who sought to avenge their older siblings' deaths by killing Kemp and stopping the Volt. As they skirmished with the Giga Volt however, Kemp was able to damage the Bison Liner's A1 circuit, preventing them from being able to combine. Kemp then left the Giga Volt to confront the Livemen personally, boasting about how he had gunned down Takuji and Mari before becoming Beauty Beast Kemp and blasting them all away. Kemp then returned to Giga Volt and refocused his attention on Live Robo, using the Giga Volt's Giga Field to trap it. However, Junichi and Tetsuya were able to use Colon to replace the A1 circuit, allowing for their mecha to combine into Live Boxer. Piloting Live Boxer, Tetsuya and Junichi managed to rescue Live Robo and knock the Giga Volt into its own Giga Field instead, leading Kemp to become trapped.

Kemp tried to get the Giga Volt free to no avail, leading Bias to intervene and destroy the Giga Field with a homing beam fired from his ring. The explosion of the Giga Field knocked Kemp out of the Giga Volt and allowed Doctor Ashura to swoop in and take control of the Giga Volt instead. Kemp attempted to retake the Giga Volt but Ashura told Kemp he was no longer worthy of piloting it as he had gotten caught in his own Giga Field, and Bias permitted Ashura to pilot the mecha instead. Kemp thus sought to prove himself by defeating the Livemen on his own, but the Livemen were joined by Tetsuya and Junichi as Black Bison and Green Sai, and together the five warriors were able to repel and overpower Kemp.

Becoming the Fear Beast

Despite losing the Giga Volt and failing to defeat the Livemen, Kemp still maintained the highest score out of all of Bias's students and kept his lead. This did not last for long however, as Guildos was soon able to tie with him by creating Vega Brain. Kemp's arrogance would eventually cause him to lose his lead and fall dead last behind all of Bias's other students with a score of 350. To get his score back up and prove to Bias that he was still worth keeping around, Kemp created Shark Brain and sought to further strengthen his Beauty Beast form. To accomplish this, Kemp hid under the sea within a massive oyster in order to undergo a metamorphosis into a stronger form, all while Shark Brain guarded him. However, Megumi came across Kemp's oyster and interrupted the process, causing Kemp's mind to revert to being 16 years old.

Kemp after his mind reverts to being 16.

As Kemp lacked any memories from after he got into Academia, he forgot he was a part of Volt and effectively became Kenji Tsukigata again. He attempted to flirt with Megumi and ask her out, but Megumi was turned off by his arrogance and scolded him for never thanking others. Kenji took her words to heart and decided to turn over a new leaf, only for him to glance at Megumi's watch and see the time was 3:50, causing him to remember his low 350 score and remember everything about being Doctor Kemp. Returning to Volt, Kemp was able to complete his transformation and become Fear Beast Kemp, holding off the Livemen with the new powers he had gained. Having succeeded in obtaining a new form, Kemp soon fell into Bias's good graces once again and was able to improve his score.

Striving for 1,000 points

After Gou Omura resurfaced, Kemp and the other students of Volt were ordered by Bias to eliminate him. Kemp attempted to accomplish this by creating Invisible Brain, but the Livemen protected Gou and destroyed the Brain Beast.

Bias would then announce not long after that the first student to achieve a 1,000 IQ, and thus 1,000 points, would rule the Earth by his side. Annoyed by his score being lower than Kemp and Mazenda's, Guildos attempted to prove himself smarter than either of them by creating Guild Zuno from a piece of himself, only for it to be discovered in his battle with the Livemen that Guildos was a robot. Bias then revealed to his students that both Guildos and Butchy were robots he had built to spur on their creativity and get them to study harder, confirming to Kemp that he and his human colleagues had always been Bias's "true" disciples. Kemp further became happy when Bias eliminated Doctor Ashura from the competition and reverted him back to being Arashi Busujima, revealing that he had been yet another pawn to make Kemp and Mazenda try harder.

Right after, Kemp created the Battle Brain in an effort to gain a 1,000 score first so he could rule the Earth by Bias's side. While his new Brain Beast boosted Kemp's score, before he could use it to reach 1,000 it was destroyed by the Livemen with help from Arashi sacrificing himself.

Kemp goes completely insane upon learning of the Giga Brain Wave.

As Kemp's Brain Beast had failed it was now Mazenda's turn. Mazenda invented a machine which projected her dreams into reality, allowing her to call upon the spirits of four past Brain Beasts and combine them to create Nightmare Brain. It was then that Gou attempted to tell Mazenda and Kemp about Bias's true plans, but both refused to believe him. Mazenda then headed to Earth to take on the Livemen herself and managed to reach a 1,000 score IQ before Kemp, much to Kemp's disappointment. However, Guardnoid Gash then approached her and attempt to extract her brain for Bias's Giga Brain Wave, causing both Mazenda and Kemp to realize Gou's warnings were true. After Mazenda escaped with help from the Livemen and killed herself to stop Bias from possessing her, Kemp began laughing maniacally at the revelation of Bias's true plans.

Despite this shocking revelation, he still continued to follow Bias, deludedly believing if he went along with Bias's plans he would be able to rule the Eart by his side. Now the only student Bias had left to complete the Giga Brain Wave, Kemp faked a desertion from Volt in order to get close to the Livemen and ambush them, allowing him to reach an IQ of 1,000. When Gash arrives to extract his mind, Kemp gives his brain willingly to Bias and abandons his body, which became the Fear Beast Brain without Kemp's mind.

Becoming Part of the Giga Brain Wave

Bias uses Kemp's brain to complete the Giga Brain Wave.

While the Fear Beast Brain battled the Livemen, Kemp's brain was brought to the Brain Room at the Brain Base and used to complete the Giga Brain Wave. Along with the 11 past followers of Bias, Kemp's brain was left alive but trapped forever inside a jar while Bias used its energy to become permanently immortal and emit a global Giga Brain Wave that hypnotized the entire planet into submitting to him.

However, Yusuke had managed to follow Gash and sneak on board the Brain Base before the Giga Brain Wave was completed, allowing him to avoid its effects. As Red Falcon, he broke into the Brain Room and stabbed Bias before shooting his Giga Brain setup, causing Bias to revert to his true age. To maintain his immortality, Bias absorbed the youthful energy from Kemp's brain and de-aged his body to that of a child, causing Kemp's brain to shrink as well.

After the Livemen used Super Live Robo to destroy Fear Beast Brain and bring down the Brain Base, Bias escaped with Kemp's brain while Gash and the Electron Brain battled the Livemen. Bias was then confronted by Blue Dolphin, but used Kemp's brain to force her out of her transformation. Megumi attempted to persuade Bias to live a new life now that he had become a child once again, but Bias disregarded her and mocked her for being unable to kill him. However, hearing Megumi's words caused Kemp to revert to being Kenji and long for the days of his youth. Kenji's spirit lingered long enough to encourage the other brains of Bias's past victims to rebel against him, robbing Bias of his immortality.

With Kemp's Brain destroyed, he can finally rest in peace.


Even before joining Volt and becoming Doctor Kemp, Kenji appears to have been a rather self-centered and arrogant individual. He thought very highly of himself due to his natural intelligence and status as one of the top alumni of Academia Island, making it hard for him to address others as equals. At the same time, he was not without moments of kindness. His original motive for studying at Academia was to find a way to protect humans against diseases using biotechnology, and he even invented a rose incapable of wilting as a gift to a girl whose mother was in the hospital. However, after falling under Bias's influence, Kenji would abandon his altruistic motives and come to see endeavors for the greater human good as foolish, preferring to use science to subjugate those lower than him instead.

As Doctor Kemp, Kenji became much more cold-hearted, willingly to callously use other humans as pawns in his schemes and paying no remorse to the suffering and loss his actions caused. He has an intense loyalty to Great Professor Bias and seeks to please him by becoming his top student by whatever means necessary. Despite this, he maintains something akin to a friendly rivalry with his fellow student, Doctor Mazenda, and was willing to collaborate with her and Arashi to prove themselves better than Guildos and Butchy. At the same time, he is not above mocking her or any other students of Bias when they fail, as a way of flaunting his superiority over them.

Following when Bias's true plans revolving around the Giga Brain Wave were revealed, Kemp is shown to become noticeably more insane. Despite knowing of Bias's true intentions, he stays loyal to the Great Professor and deludes himself into believing he'll be able to rule alongside him if he participates in the Giga Brain Wave. He also still shows some degree of cunning and deceitfulness, able to fake a betrayal in order to get close to the Livemen and boost his score to 1000. After Bias uses him for the Giga Brain Wave however, Kemp appears to have reverted to his personality as Kenji, no longer possessing the ruthlessness and fanaticism Kemp had and instead longing to return to his childhood days when he still had a body.



  • As Kemp's actor Yutaka Hirose is also a licensed stuntman, he was able to do his own stunts as Kemp.


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