I wanna also return to my childhood days. I feel so nostalgic. If I can only return
~ Kemp'a final words, now like a bodyless brain, expressing his desires of a chance to return to humanity like Bias

Doctor Kemp is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt, the top student of Great Professor Bias and a major antagonist in Chojuu Sentai Liveman.

He was portrayed by Yutaka Hirose, who was also known for portaying other Sentai villains including Emperor Tranza, Leh Wanda and Jin Matoba.


Kemp was originally a student named Kenji Tsukigata. During his time studying at Academia, he developed a way to make humans immune to any disease via biotechnology. However, after taking a test that Bias sent him, Kenji became egotistical in himself and left to join Volt. As his friends tried to stop him, he killed two of them, Takuji Yano and Mari Aikawa before leaving along with Rui Senda and Gou Omura to join Volt.

As a member of Volt, Kemp developed an unwavering faith in Bias and eventually rose to become his top student. He later alters himself to allow him to assume the more monstrous form of Beauty Beast Kemp. He later modifies himself even further to become Fear Beast Kemp.

Eventually, Kemp learned the truth about Bias's goals from Doctor Mazenda after she defected, but he still continued to follow Bias. After achieving an IQ of 1,000, Kemp gives his brain willingly to Bias to complete the Giga Brain Wave, transforming his body into Fear Beast Zuno, which Bias sends to hold of the Liveman.

Though Fear Beast Zuno was destroyed by Super Live Zuno, Kenji's spirit lingered long enough to encourage the other brains of Bias' past victims to rebel against him, robbing Bias of his immortality.

With Kemp's Brain destroyed, he can finally rest in peace.


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