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Doctor Mad (Also known as the Mad Doctor), is an antagonist from the first Phantasy Star game.


In the original game, he resembled a robot with a round blue head and read eyes. His attire consisted of a lab coat.

In the Generation 1 remake, his appearance was given an overhaul, his hands are now claws, his head is now black, and his eyes now glow purple.

His attire has also changed as well, not only does his getup look different, he also wears black shoulder pads and a white beret.

Combat Capabilities

In the original game, his sole means of attack was firing a beam from his torso.

His attacks in Generation 1 are different then they were in the original, instead of the above beam, he will attack with his open claw and can pour potion to create a poisonous gas cloud.


Original Release

In the original game, he procured the Laconian Pot while searching for Myau.

Later in the game, he tries to take Myau from the party, if the player surrenders Myau, he will die. Regardless of choice, Dr. Mad must still be fought.

Generation 1

Dr. Mad has a much bigger presence here, having imprisoned the merchant that sold Myau to Alis after taking the Laconian Pot from him and putting the town of Abion under surveillance.

When the heroes enter his lab, he chides them for barging into his pad. Upon hearing Myau talk, he baits him with nuts to catch him, prompting the heroes to retaliate and save Myau.