I'm not going to give it to you!I will not to give my brain to nobody
~ Mazenda before to tranaforming to a fully robot when Volt tries to take her brain
I was always prepared to became a full machine. Now i'm it. Bias, you can't take my brain now!
~ Mazenda after transforming a full robot
How I envy you, Gou. You can became a human again, but I was transformed myself in a machine to demostrate my abilities.
~ Mazenda feeling remorse for stripping her humanity and envy for being unable, at Gou's contrast, to being human again.

Doctor Mazenda is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt and a major antagonist in Chojuu Sentai Liveman, as well as the rival of Megumi Misaki / Blue Dolphin of the Liveman.

She was portrayed by Akiko Amamatsuri.


As a member of the Science Academia, Rui Senda competed with Megumi Misaki and was the girlfriend of Yuusuke Amamiya, before leaving him to pursue a greater tutilage under Professor Bias alongside Kenji Tsukigata and Gou Omura. She later reconstructed herself as a cyborg to preserve her beauty, though subconsciously she regretted discarding her kindness. She disliked her humanity.

While initially loyal to Bias, she later begins to doubt him after the "Miku" incident. Though she learned the truth about Bias' goals from Gou, she listens to Bias when tells her to not believe him.

Arriving on Earth personally to confront the Liveman and achieves an IQ of 1,000. Gash soon arrives but, in an act of defiance, Mazenda converts herself into a robot to prevent Bias from being able to use her brain. Angered, Bias fires the Zuno Base's lasers at her. She tells Gou she is beyond redemption before falling over a cliff and having her self-destruct destroy her.


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