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I'm not going to give it to you! I'm not giving my brain away to anyone!
~ Mazenda when Volt tries to take her brain.
I was always prepared to become a full machine one day. Now I am fully machine. Bias, you can't take my brain now!
~ Mazenda after becoming a full robot.
Gou, I envy you. You can became a human again, but I turned myself in a machine just to develop my knowledge.
~ Mazenda feeling remorse for discarding her humanity.

Doctor Mazenda is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt and a major antagonist in Chojuu Sentai Liveman, as well as the rival of Megumi Misaki / Blue Dolphin of the Liveman.

She was originally Rui Senda, a top student of Academia Island and a colleague of Megumi Misaki who received an offer to join Volt from Great Professor Bias and was accepted in after completing a special test. As a member of Volt, Mazenda converted herself into a cyborg in order to cast away her humanity, though she secretly regretted getting rid of her kindness. She would later further mechanize herself into Machine Mazenda in order to become more powerful.

After learning of the true purpose of Volt, she converted herself into Robo Mazenda to keep her brain from being extracted.

She was portrayed by Akiko Amamatsuri, who later played Lieutenant Colonel Gara in Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Algolian Gin in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger the Movie: Full Blast Action.



After being accepted into Academia Island, Rui Senda became the roommate of Megumi Misaki and soon rose to become one of the top students of the academy. In her earlier days at Academia, Yuusuke Amamiya tried asking her out but Mazenda rejected him as he was one of the lower performing students of the school.

Rui would later be scouted by Great Professor Bias as a potential candidate to join Volt. Bias sent Kenji and his colleague Kenji Tsukigata a special test to complete and once they both aced it, they were accepted in. However, their colleague Gou Omura found out about the test and became frustrated that he had not received one, leading him to plead with Bias to be let in as well. Bias agreed to allow him in, partly out of pity and partly to give his other students someone to compete against. Under Bias's guidance, Rui came to view her humanity as a weakness and sought to discard it to become forever beautiful.

Rui after arriving on the Brain Base.

On the day she and her colleagues were supposed to leave to join Volt, the three of them were confronted by Takuji Yano, Mari Aikawa, Yusuke Amamiya, Megumi Misaki and Jou Ohara. After Kenji gunned Takuji and Mari down, Kenji, Rui and Gou departed in a shuttle and traveled to the Brain Base, where Bias accepted the three of them as his students. Under Bias, Rui became vastly more knowledgeable and took up the new identity of "Doctor Mazenda" after she reconstructed herself as a cyborg to preserve her beauty. Despite this, Rui was still reluctant to give up the kind part of her personality and secretly kept it preserved in a jar.

Battle against the Livemen

Two years after he and his colleagues had first departed from the island, Mazenda returned to Academia alongside Doctor Kemp and Doctor Obular on the day of their space shuttle launch, destroying the shuttle with Boffler Fighters before leading an attack on the island. Kemp, Mazenda and Obular mercilessly massacred many of their former Academia colleagues before being confronted by Yusuke, Megumi and Jou, who revealed that in the time since the three had left they had expected that they would return and became the Livemen in order to avenge their colleagues by stopping them.

Initially, Mazenda, Kemp and Obular competed among themselves to create Brain Beasts to defeat the Livemen and win Bias's approval. However, Bias would later make a curious decision when he brought in dimwitted gangster Arashi Busujima to join them, modifying him into Doctor Ashura and amplifying his intelligence to make him a super-genius. Ashura's arrival led Mazenda and the others to become much more competitive, with them striving even harder to defeat the Livemen and outdo the new pupil.

Bias later discovered that Mazenda had kept her empathic strain of her personality in a jar, despite claiming to have discarded her humanity, and confronted her about it. Mazenda claimed to Bias that she was saving it for a plan to defeat the Livemen and used it to create Twin Brain, who became a girl known as "Rei" who represented the kind part of her personality. Mazenda used Rei to lure Jou into a trap, but Rei genuinely fell in love with Jou and helped him to escape. Mazenda then gunned down Rei and laughed about having killed her kind side, only to start crying when she realized what she had done. After returning to the Brain Base, she was approached by Doctor Ashura while alone, who tossed her the silver heart-shaped necklace Rei had dropped before leaving without saying a word.

Bias would later receive another new student in the form of Guildos, a Guildian alien who traveled across space after hearing of Bias's genius in order to join Volt and study under him, leading to a rivalry between Bias's human students and his alien ones.

After Ashura fumbling with Bias's time machine led to a girl named Miku coming from the future, Bias ordered Mazenda and his other students to eliminate her. However, Mazenda began to grow suspect of why Bias wanted her eliminated, believing he did not want them to know what the future was like as it was not ruled by Volt. She approached Miku and attempted to get an answer from her about whether Volt conquered the world in the future, but was attacked by the Livemen before Miku could respond. Miku would later return to the future and the time portal would close, denying Mazenda a chance to get an answer from her. Despite this, Mazenda remained suspicious of Bias.

Doctor Mazenda Ep38.jpg

To further strengthen herself, Mazenda chose mechanize her body even more and equipped herself with a metal gauntlet that could fire bullets from its fingertips, leading Bias to dub her "Machine Mazenda". In this form she went after Yusuke Amamiya, but Yusuke continually ran away from her rather than stay and fight her. Though she deemed him a coward, this turned out to be a ploy by Yusuke to trick her into wasting all her bullets on him. After his teammates arrived with the bulletproof vests he had designed, the five Livemen destroyed the Wolf Brain she had created and repelled her.

Race for 1,000 points

Bias later announced that the first student to achieve a 1,000 IQ, and thus 1,000 points, would rule the Earth by his side. Annoyed by his score being lower than Kemp and Mazenda's, Guildos attempted to prove himself smarter than either of them by creating Guild Zuno from a piece of himself, only for it to be discovered in his battle with the Livemen that Guildos was a robot. Bias then revealed to his students that both Guildos and Butchy were robots he had built to spur on their creativity and get them to study harder.

Following Arashi's demise and Kemp's failed scheme to defeat the Livemen, Mazenda went forward with her own plan to defeat them and gain 1,000 points first. She invented a device to turn her dreams into reality and used it to summon the spirits of four previous Brain Beasts before combining them into the Nightmare Brain. Mazenda managed to beat back the Livemen with her new Brain Beast, only to hesitate when Gou tries to tell her about Bias's true goals and that he intends to remove her brain. However, she listens to Bias when he tells her to not believe him and promptly heads down to Earth to fight the Livemen herself. After using her machine implants to fight them off, Mazenda achieved an IQ of 1,000 and beat Kemp.

Mazenda after becoming Robo Mazenda.

ash then arrived to extract her brain and held a knife to her, causing Mazenda to realize what Gou had told her was true. Gou then attacked Gash and the Livemen held the robot off in order to give Mazenda time to escape, but Gash fought through them and pursued her. Realizing she had nowhere to go, in an act of defiance, Mazenda converts herself into a robot to prevent Bias from being able to use her brain. Having no more use for her, Bias fired a homing laser from his ring that critically damaged her. As Gou and the Livemen approach her, Mazenda tells Gou she wishes she could return to being human like him and expresses remorse for everything she has done. Filled with regret that she turned herself into a machine, Mazenda states she is beyond redemption before falling over a cliff and having her self-destruct destroy her.


Mazenda is a very vain and arrogant woman, viewing herself as superior to those around her on account of her high intelligence. Influenced by Bias's teachings, Mazenda views her own humanity as a weakness and seeks to cast it aside to become superior. Paradoxically to this, she also wishes to hold on to the kind part of her personality and on a subconscious regrets having forsaken her humanity to become a machine. While she is loyal to Bias, unlike Kemp she is not unquestionably so and is not afraid to act on her doubts should she grow suspicious.


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