Oh. Your friend tried to destroy the generator. That didn't really worked too well for him did it, he got electrocuted. Your friend is dead, they all are. Now your cell door may be open... But what do you think leaving will accomplish? This town is dead, you and i are the last ones here, the backup generator only has energy for those red lights, so the door is unlocked now. Just stay in your cell. I will send someone to fix the generator for you. You will be able to keep playing games on your Portable Entertainment Product. Without a care in the world. I will even tell why you're here. You will never know that if you leave. You will be allowed to do whatever you wish to. On one condition. DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR.
~ Doctor Money

Doctor Money is the main antagonist of the extremely emotional game Presentable Liberty, and a supporting character in the prequel-to-sidequel Exoptable Money.


Presentable Liberty

He created a dangerous virus and later a lethal cure in order to gain money. He also created a organ market which killed more people due to the cheap organs being in a bad state. It's implied that he kidnapped the unnamed protagonist and later injected him with the only working antidote, turning him into one of the few immune persons in the world and also making his organs very valuable. In the "Stay in the Cell" ending, he reveals his evil plan to the protagonist and how he got there. 12 days after, a mysterious person (implied to be Money) killed the protagonist inside of his cell and possibly extracted his organs.

Exoptable Money

In the prequel turned sidequel, Money found a person who has a mysterious money making machine, he tries to convince the protagonist to buy his antidote, which was a trap. He even goes far by making a deal with the protagonist, all the money for a miserable can opener, which the protagonist unfortunately agrees. After tricking and killing the protagonist, he also dies by getting infected with the same virus he created.


  • He was initially thought to be the protagonist of Exoptable Money.
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