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Doctor October is a woman with a horribly burned face and a raspy voice and a villain of the heroine Ghost. She also wore a costume that hid her figure and so some people thought she was a man including her fellow hit-man Hunger. Due to the trauma of her burns she hid herself, but after people's gender confusion she changed her costume to be more feminine.

Both Doctor October and Hunger worked for the crime-boss Crux. Crux had made Ghost a target and because of her beauty. Dr. October really hated her and wanted her as a target. Once the Crux gang was destroyed and most of their hit-men were dead, Dr. October still wanted Ghost dead. She stayed with Crux and he gave her powers to temporarily absorb paranormal powers, making her a bigger threat to the Ghost. In one such battle she was able to absorb the powers of several of Ghost allies and then went after the Ghost after taking the power of X, King Tiger and Focus. Ghost was able to defeat Dr. October but no one was able to find her after the battle.

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