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Oh, Parker... If you want to change the world, you have to be the kind of man who can make the hardest decisions.
~ Doc Ock to Peter Parker during their final fight.

Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Mister Negative) of the 2018 video game Marvel's Spider-Man and a flashback character in its 2020 spin-off Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

He is the former CEO of Octavius Industries, Peter Parker's friend and mentor, but eventually becomes the supervillain known as Doctor Octopus, motivated to get his revenge on his former business partner Norman Osborn and kill Spider-Man. He is also the founder and leader of the Sinister Six and the former friend-turned-archenemy of Spider-Man.

He was voiced by William Salyers, who also played Rigby from Regular Show, Erich Soders in HITMAN, Victor Valente in The Darkness II and Truman Marsh from Avengers Ultron Revolution, and Perseus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


Dr. Otto Octavius is a tragic character in many ways; starting out genuinely wanting to help people, he originally embraced a strong friendship with his former business partner, Norman Osborn. However, over time, as Norman became obsessed with reversing the genetic disease that killed his wife and began appearing in his son, this friendship became strained. This led to the creation of the compound GR-27, known as "Devil's Breath", which was an attempt at a cure, but was more deadly than the diseases it was meant to treat. The friendship between Osborn and Octavius was ended after Norman's amoral use of GR-27 in the treatment of Martin Li, which resulted in the death's of Martin's parents and Li himself gaining superpowers.

In spite of this, Otto remained steadfast in his goals and though he continued to view Norman with contempt for his thievery of Otto's work and his willingness to profit off others' suffering. He viewed Peter Parker on the other hand, as a surrogate son and saw him as a worthy scientific partner.

Otto started out initially as an optimistic, forgiving man focused on making the world a better place. To that end, he focused on creating specialized prosthetics to help disabled people such as war veterans that lost their limbs in battle. Additionally, he hoped these prosthetics might help him with his own neuro-degenerative disease that would render his body paralyzed. While his work doesn't progress as well or as quickly as he had hoped, he stays his course and seems to take everything in stride. Otto was possesed of a gentle personality overall, not scolding Peter for his tardiness anymore than he feels he has to and understanding after discovering Peter's secret that he was Spider-man, knowing his family and friends could be targets for his enemies. However, he lies to Peter about realizing his identity, saying Peter is designing Spider-man's suits and equipment.

Otto possesses an extremely high intellect, enough so that Peter admires him for it, yet Otto maintains a humble demeanor, admiring Peter's knack for impromptu science and describing the boy as a genius in his own right.

However, as time progresses, Otto begins acting frantically. This is partly brought on by how rapidly his disease is progressing; according to Peter, Otto would lose control of his motor functions in less than a year. His patience dwindles when he feels close to reaching his goals, and as the mini-games reveal, Otto's designs have some overlooked flaws that Peter regularly has to address and correct. Additionally, Otto's frustrations with his physical deterioration and years of oppression by Norman increasingly rise to the surface, culminating in his transformation into Doctor Octopus. As Peter later discovers, his plans for revenge against Norman were already in motion when Norman rescinded his grant, and every one of the upgrades he gave to the other members of the Sinister Six was already being created as he continued work on the prosthetics he initially intended to make.

As Doctor Octopus, Otto's personality shifts towards a vengeful, calculating individual with sociopathic tendencies. He displays little care towards the lives he endangers, justifying it as a necessary evil in his attempts to discredit and reap revenge on Norman Osborn. Otto acts on years of frustration and repressed anger towards Norman Osborn. The shift is exasperated by Otto's implantation of the imperfect neural interface, causing limbic deterioration that erodes his emotional reasoning and self-control.

As his mental state continues to deteriorate, Otto becomes increasingly aggressive, arrogant, prone to mood swings, paranoid and self-righteous in his crusade against Norman. He readily, though painfully severed his friendship with Peter as well. When told by Norman that he was only worthwhile when he worked for him, Otto became enraged and readily threw Norman off a building, and would have succeeded in his attempted murder had Spider-man not intervened. When Otto reveals that he always knew Peter was Spider-man during their final battle, Peter pleads with him to stop, but Otto remains deaf to his former friend, even going as far as to impale Peter on the spikes of his mechanical arms. After he is defeated by Peter, Otto initially curses and calls out Peter for turning on him, before begging one last time for Peter's help, claiming that his actions were the result of the neural interface controlling his tentacles affecting his mind. During this exchange, Otto makes his final mistake by telling Peter that with his help he can fix the neural interface and the arms while "keeping his secret identity", implying he intends to blackmail Peter into helping him escape. Realizing that the Otto Octavius he knew is gone, Peter reluctantly leaves him to the authorities, ending their partnership forever with a broken heart. After being incarcerated, Otto is shown bitter and alone, having failed in his plans for making a better future and in his maddened quest for revenge.



Otto Gunther Octavius was born in 1955. In his youth, Otto Octavius was friends with Norman Osborn. Together the two eventually started a business company known as "Oscorp" (inspired by a nickname their fellow students had given them). However, as Norman became more and more obsessed with genetics, the two had a falling out. Eventually, Otto left in exchange for a settlement; money to further his research. However, Otto was aware that such a small amount of money for a big project would not last long.

In 1986, a boy named Martin Li came to Oscorp to have a consultation for an unknown medical condition. Unknown to Otto, Norman had the boy injected with the experimental GR-27 serum. The treatment triggered a reaction that resulted in the death of Li's parents and Li receiving superhuman powers. This incident triggered the end of Norman and Otto's relationship and Otto's resignation from Oscorp.

Later, Otto began working at Horizon High, forced to rely on grants to support him, where May Parker recommended her nephew, Peter Parker, to work with him. Hiring Parker solely on May's words, he began teaching the young student, unaware that the student was also the secret identity of the superhero, Spider-Man. In one ocassion, Otto and Peter visited the Oscorp Museum the same day in which Miles Morales and Phin Mason attended the exposition to see the presentation of their project. During the visit, Miles accidentally bumped against Peter before Peter made up an excuse to leave despite Otto's concerns, who assured him that he would wait until he finished whatever he was doing, likely a superhero activity.

Loss of Sanity

We've done enough testing! For the first time in my life I don't feel like a failure. I feel like me!
~ Otto Octavius rejecting Peter Parker's offer to run more tests on the neural interface.

During one of their experiments with robotic arms, Norman Osborn's team shuts down Otto Octavius' and Peter Parker's lab and cuts his grant due to the site being declared a safety hazard due to a recent accident. Otto insists his previous safety violations were excused, but Norman reminds him that he was the one who excused it and that Otto's equipment should have been confiscated long ago. Norman insists both Otto and Peter work at Oscorp from then on, but Otto rejects his offer, and Peter does as well.

Shortly after Otto fails to test his robotic limbs due to muscle spasms, Otto reveals to Peter that he is suffering from a genetic neurodegenerative disease that is gradually causing his muscles to lower in quality and efficiency, most likely caused by being exposed to chemicals in his youth. This is a primary running reason for his research and motivations, and his motivation into focusing on mental linkage with his prosthetic designs that take a turn for the worst.

Later, an excited Otto presents to Peter four tentacle-like arms attached to his back. The arms are powered by an external prognosis controlled by his brain and can move at the speed of thought. However, Peter discovers that using this method can potentially have severe damage on Otto's mind, causing extreme mood swings and possible permanet psychosis. Otto aggressively ignores Peter's warnings and tells him that this is the first time in his life he does not feel like a failure, but Peter is able to talk him down into deactivating the robotic limbs. Otto apologizes to Peter, along with thanking him for his help. After Peter leaves, Otto sees Norman Osborn on a television telling the citizens of New York to cast their vote to him in the upcoming election. In anger, Otto activates his tentacles again and calls Norman a liar before he destroys the television with one of his robotic limbs.

Attack on New York

All these years. All these lies. It's over Norman. Time to give them the truth.
~ Doctor Octopus before infecting New York with Devil's Breath.

With his new arms, Octavius attacks a Sable transport and steals Devil's Breath. He then attacked both Ryker's Island and the Raft as "Doctor Octopus", releasing all of the prisoners within including Mister Negative, Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion, with whom he forms the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six subdue Spider-Man and present him to Octavius. Octavius warns the beaten Spider-Man to not interfere before tossing him away in the water below. Otto then orders the Sinister Six to do their jobs he requested and in return he would repay all of their debts. Otto then went to Time Square, where pro-Osborn citizens were staging a rally, and released Devil's Breath in Times Square, infecting hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, including Peter's Aunt May.

With the combination of the outbreak and the mass escape of criminals, the city of New York quickly falls into chaos. Peter goes to apprehend his escaped enemies, quickly rounding up Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion, while Mary Jane searches for the Devil's Breath cure that Oscorp is seemingly working on. She breaks into Norman's penthouse and learns that his son Harry is terminally ill and that the Devil's Breath was actually designed as a cure for his condition. After discovering his secret lab, Mary Jane learns that Martin Li was one of the test subjects for the Devil's Breath, which granted him his powers. This, however, ended in tragedy, as Li had accidentally killed his parents, sparking his grudge against Osborn. Mary Jane soon learns the location of the cure and informs Peter.

After convincing Sable that he is trustworthy, Peter heads to the lab and defeats Li, but Octavius arrives and strikes Li down for his failure. Otto then engages Spider-Man in a fight and effortlessly beats the hero to near-death, taking the cure while he was at it. Otto then confronted Norman, admiring the look on his face as he kidnapped Norman and left to expose him to the world.

Final Battle with Spider-Man/Defeat

After arriving atop the Oscorp building, Otto tried to force Norman to reveal the truth to all of New York - that everything he has is built on lies, but Norman only proclaims that he is better than Otto and that Otto is worthless without him, to which Otto responds by dropping Norman off the tower, where he is saved by Spider-Man in a heavily armored suit specifically designed to counter Otto's tentacles. Spider-Man climbs on the roof and desperately tries to talk sense into him, but Otto refuses and a fight ensues between him and Spider-Man. During the fight, Otto is able to damage Spider-Man's web-shooters, rendering him unable to shoot anymore webs. The two continue fighting on Oscorp's antenna until Otto manages to knock half of Spider-Man's face plate off with his robotic arms. Otto then reveals that he knew who Spider-Man was all along when he calls him "Parker", even though he already found out his identity earlier, as Peter realises he poisoned Aunt May on purpose and despite knowing this, it never stopped Otto from trying to kill Peter with every chance he got. Otto insists that he will not let Peter win, as destroying Norman and Oscorp means too much to him, but Peter completely enraged by this reveal, he tells him otherwise that it's not more than it mean to him as he angrily attacks Otto as continues fighting, even knocking one of Otto's tentacles off, sending the two falling down the building.

Both Peter and Otto manage to cling to the side of the building and continue battling each other. Peter tries to talk Otto down by telling him to think about all the people he's hurting, but Otto tells Peter that he has not suffered the way he has and grabs him. Peter once again tries to break through to Otto and tries to remind him of the man he was, but Otto tells Peter that the old Otto is gone and that he cannot save him. Peter then breaks down, telling Otto that the doctor was his hero and that he worshiped him, and bitterly telling him that he recklessly threw all of that away for revenge on Osborn. As the fight rages, Otto smugly notes at how Peter is starting to look tired, but Peter claims that he is not tired, just hurt. During the fight, Otto manages to pin Peter down and impale him with his tentacles, saying that if he wants to the change the world, he must be the kind of man who can make the hardest decisions, while showing Peter the cure that he has in his hands. However, Peter is undeterred by his wound, defiantly fights against the incredible pain, plunging the spear deeper into his chest, and grabs Otto and finally pulls his inhibitor chip from his neck, leaving his extra limbs useless. Peter pulls the tentacle from his chest, despite the pain, and Otto begins falling down the building, landing in a room inside the Oscorp building along with Peter. Even after Otto begs for Peter to save him from being arrested, Peter takes the antiserum and accepts that Otto is beyond saving, after using his friendship as an advantage to build the inhibitor chip for him, hurting thousands of innocent people and Aunt May, he doesn't see Otto as a friend anymore, just a foolish monster bent on revenge as he leaves him to be arrested by the authorities as Otto yells for Peter to come back.


However, the amount of cure recovered is too small to save everyone infected and Peter is faced with the choice of either using the limited amount to save Aunt May, who is on the verge of death, or allowing the doctors to study it and mass produce a cure to save everyone else. Peter ultimately chooses the latter and has a tearful farewell with Aunt May, who reveals that she already knows he is Spider-Man before passing away. Sable leaves New York to rethink her life choices following her encounter with Peter. Meanwhile, Miles is bitten by a spider that escaped Osborn's personal lab on Mary Jane after her investigation. A funeral is held for Aunt May, who is buried next to Uncle Ben. Otto is seen thrown in the Raft for his crimes as he gets angry, now planning revenge on Spider-Man. Three months later, New York has largely returned to normal and Peter and Mary Jane decide to rekindle their relationship. It's likely too that Otto's condition eventually worsened until he lost all control of his limbs just as he predicted to Peter, rendering him no longer a threat.


Doctor Octopus is mentioned in Marvel comics' Spider-Geddon issue 0, during which Spider-Man reveals Otto's fate to an alternate version of Otto from a different universe.


  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Otto Octavius is a super-genius polymath (easily ranking as one of the smartest men in the world, as well as intellectually superior to nearly every notable character in Marvel's Spider-Man), possessing a phenomenally outstanding, idiosyncratic intellect, which evidently far surpasses the prodigious genius of wunderkind Peter Parker, with the former virtually superior to the latter in all intellectual fields, even unknowingly imposing a sense of inferiority and incompetency unto the youth (or virtually everybody he encounters), during their first meeting, with Peter having idolized and venerated the highly-esteemed scientist during his childhood and looking up to him as a primary source of inspiration and as a role model (before Otto's eventual descent into villainy). In addition, Otto is also able to design and manufacture advanced technological gadgets for Spider-Man, as well easily deducing the latter's identity and masterfully deceiving the vigilante into believing that he remained oblivious to that fact, revealing his knowledge upon their ultimate confrontation (specifically designating their final showdown at the optimal time in order to stupefy the momentarily unnerved hero, which displays the intricacy of his superlatively strategic mental faculties). His super genius, magnificently eclectic intellect exponentially extends itself to his practically unsurpassable and incomparable tactical, mathematical, scientific, engineering, leadership, deceptive, manipulative, neuroscience, computer science, material science, computer programming, bionics, cybernetics, robotics, virology, prosthetics, toxicology, technological, nano-technological, and exploitative networking mastery abilities. Despite all this, Otto is often hazardous with his creations, often overlooking critical flaws, which are usually rectified by Peter. Despite his intelligence, Otto is extremely arrogant, making him foolish enough to think Peter betrayed him when it was he himself betrayed Peter and it was his own actions that made Peter turn on him and even became worse than his former friend Norman Osborn.
    • Master Engineer: Otto is an outstandingly supreme, phenomenally super-genius engineer, inventor, and innovator, with an obvious penchant for robotics and biomechanics, surpassing even the extremely prolific and talented Peter Parker, by craftily designing and integrating numerous improvements into the latter's Spider-Man Advanced Suit by conducting meticulously methodical research derived from his expertise in molecular engineering, which eventually led Peter adapting this as his primary suit for crime fighting and additionally devising futuristic and state-of-the-art spider-like gadgets, which introduced a whole new approach to Spider-Man's crime-fighting. Otto is also one of the leading authorities, from the whole world, in prosthetics and neurotechnology, creating and engineering his own mechanical appendages (which by themselves rival even Spider-Man's superhumanly powers) and concocting advanced upgrades for the Sinister Six that easily enabled them to mercilessly beat Spider-Man into submission. Furthermore, it was the concept originating from his artificial appendages which later heavily inspired the design behind the Anti-Ock suit.
    • Master Leader: Otto is an outstandingly, brilliantly charismatic super-genius leader (outstripping even the exceedingly experienced Spider-Man, who retains eight years of leadership skills), notably spearheading Octavius Industries with brilliant efficiency and easily gaining the undying loyalty of another genius, Peter Parker, (without ever actually having met the youth until the latter's aunt introduced him), who had revered him for the majority of his childhood. Even as Otto further descended into villainy, however, his supreme leadership skills still remained intact, demonstrated by how he cements and later commands the Sinister Six roster, all comprised of Spider-Man's most malevolent and dangerous foes, by orchestrating their breakout from the supermax prison, The Raft, and thereafter gaining their respect and loyalty, by engineering highly-advanced upgrades for them (save for Mr. Negative) and discreetly manipulating each and every one of them as his unwitting pawns to execute his meticulously crafted plans, with them notably heeding his explicit instructions not to kill Spider-Man, despite their immense hostility and antagonism against the hero for locking them up in The Raft for several years.
    • Master Scientist: Otto is evidently a super-genius scientist, surpassing even the wunderkind science prodigy Peter Parker, with his magnificent knowledge in the most foremost and abstract of the sciences, such as neurotechnology, biomechanics, computer science, theoretical science (during his time at Oscorp), theoretical electroencephalography, and prosthetics virtually unparalleled and unrivalled, with Otto easily standing out as one of the most intelligent men on Earth and being one of the most renowned, leading experts in those fields especially (despite falling into obscurity after severing ties with Norman Osborn), with Otto devising groundbreaking artificial appendages that were considerably superior to the prosthetic arms that he had earlier designed. He has also been described as being "able to think around even the most complex problems to devise elegant, effective solutions", with Norman even attempting to coerce him into working for Oscorp again, a true testimony to his scientific prowess.
    • Master Tactician: As the devious megalomaniac Doctor Octopus, Otto is a brilliant, proficient, and phenomenally super-genius tactician and strategist, far superseding the extremely experienced and masterful crime fighter, Spider-Man, shown by how he has flawlessly evened seemingly insurmountable odds, such as expertly facilitating breakout of the incarcerated members of his future Sinister Six from the inescapable supermax prison, the Raft, enabling them to cause more mass destruction and unprecedented carnage during their riot, through upgrades that primarily focus on enhancing each individual's powers, and then unleashing a bio-hazardous virus on the city and ordering the Sinister Six to go on a rampage, all to distract Spider-Man while he and Martin Li exacted revenge on Norman Osborn (had Spider-Man not been there to apprehend him at several turns, Otto would've arguably succeeded). As noted by Vulture, Otto's planning involves numerous fail-safe's, with the super-genius often having numerous back-up plans to his back-up plans, accounting for numerous possible scenario's with efficient contingencies, making him extraordinarily versatile and unpredictable and often keeps one step ahead of Spider-Man during his crusade against the city. Indeed, Otto's unparalleled ability to plan, strategize, re-strategize, and break down his opponents grants him power that surpasses even that of Spider-Man and multiple intelligence agencies (such as Sable International and the NYPD), since Otto's ability to predict and gather information on his many opponents allows him to easily strategize any of them one-on-one, thereby making it impossible for them to succeed against Otto. His phenomenal aptitudes in utilizing cunning and planning to outwit multiple foes, such as Spider-Man and the extremely perceptive and experienced Yuri Watanabe, were especially evident during the Raft Breakout, where Otto effectively implemented his master scheme and utilized his first pawn, Electro, to firstly incapacitate Yuri by having the supervillain severely electrocute her helicopter's system, leading to its subsequent malfunction and eventual destruction, consequently depriving her of her only mode of transportation. Otto then successfully prevents the duo (Yuri and Spider-Man) from taking a moment's breath and formulating their own counterstrategy by having Electro then liberate the Raft's inmates while simultaneously initiating a mastery executed "divide and conquer" strategy in order to successfully separate the duo, so as to bring a large portion of his own force to bear on small enemy units in sequence, rather than engaging the bulk of the enemy force all at once. This exposes Otto's own units to many small risks but allows for the eventual destruction of an entire enemy force, enabling Otto to later confront his enemy without the possibility of his enemy adapting an unanticipated contingency plan, as well as to gradually exhaust Spider-Man by having him engage and recapture all of the escaped inmates single-handedly. The next phase of Otto's grandiose plan follows him having Spider-Man attacked by Rhino, when caught off guard, further depleting his endurance and consequently allow Electro to draw him out into Scorpion's trap by manipulating the hero into participating in a wild goose chase so as to momentarily become distracted by the rampant inmates and carelessly get taken surprise by Scorpion, despite the precognitive warning of his spider-sense. Moreover, just when Scorpion seemingly has Spider-Man at his mercy, the air spontaneously explodes, violently blasting Spider-Man afar and landing painfully on his back, further impairing his energy, whilst Scorpion scuttles away, completely unharmed, after contributing his role, just as Otto had ingeniously intended. When the hero remains unfazed, however, Otto proceeds to the next plan of his genius ploy, by wearing the hero down further through more combat engagements with escaped inmates, with both Yuri and Spider-Man never suspecting him of pulling all their strings. After another wild goose chase by Electro to effectively draw him out, Spider-Man even tries to negotiate with the supervillain into revealing his employer's name, further demonstrating his evident obliviousness and complete and utter unawareness to Otto's brilliant tactics. After finally apprehending Electro (as Otto foresaw), Otto then deploys Vulture to enter the fray, briefly immobilizing Spider-Man, catching him off guard similarly to the aforementioned incident and provide Electro sufficient time to escape and spearhead another chase, even further depleting Spider-Man's energy in due time for his imminent confrontation with the master schemer. The next moment, Spider-Man finds himself facing the combined might of five of the Sinister Six's members, eventually culminating in his agonizing and crushing defeat by the supervillains, setting the stage for Doctor Octopus to climatically reveal himself, completely shocking the dumbfounded Spider-Man and even inducing him to plead with his former mentor. Despite allying with said supervillains, none of them were privy to the fact that they were all being discreetly manipulated by Otto to execute his machinations, a further testament to his unparalleled ability to virtually out-strategize and break down his opponents through sheer ingenuity and tactical brilliance. Otto is almost always tremendously successful in the long run as he was able to keep his developing plot, as well as the weaponization of his mechanical arms completely covert from his genius and perceptive assistant, Peter Parker. Ultimately, while he failed to defeat Spider-Man and escape punishment for his crimes, Otto was ultimately successful in exposing Norman and cause him political ruin.


Parker. We've been focused on limb replacement - connecting nerves at severed extremities, replicating the function of lost appendages. But what if instead, we gave people something they've never seen? Something... straight from the mind? Unchain all of us from the bodies we've been born with and unleash the awesome power of our minds?
~ Otto Octavius's message to Peter Parker on a recorder.
Intra-cranial neural network. Neuro-transmission speeds under one nanosecond. Faster than signals travel inside the brain. Never mind to an external prosthesis. We did it, Peter. No one can take this away from us.
~ Otto presenting the mechanical arms to Peter Parker.
LIAR! You have no idea what you're in for.
~ Otto while watching Norman Osborn on a television.
First and final warning... stay out of our way.
~ Ottoc Octavius threatening Spider-Man not to interfere in his plans.
Aleksi, I've followed your career with great interest. The world sees you as a witless dullard. I see a warrior with a poet's heart. I know you desire freedom from the battle suit you're sealed inside. Help me achieve my goals and freedom will be yours.
~ Doctor Octopus' message to the Rhino.
It's rare for me to admit this, Mr. Gargan-- Clearing your debts was more difficult than I anticipated. You are in arrears to some... demanding individuals. But once the reservoir job is finished, your financial obligations will be finished as well. Otto Octavius is nothing if not persuasive.
~ Doctor Octopus' message to Scorpion.
Adrian, what bitter irony that your miraculous wings should have wrought such horrors on your body. Thankfully, you are now working for me. When our work is settled, the treatment I have developed *will* cure you. You won't shuffle off this mortal coil just yet, my friend.
~ Doctor Octopus' message to Vulture.
Max, when you first conveyed your dream, to me I thought you insane. "Pure energy"? (laughs) But as I dove deeper into the problem, I discovered a way to give us both what we desire. I promise you when we are done, you *will* be pure energy. Or so close to it as to make the difference irrelevant.
~ Doctor Octopus' message to Electro.
Spider-Man:Is this real or in my mind?
Otto:It can be both.
Otto:It's just the hallucination intensifying. You can get through this.
Spider-Man:Doc? Y-you sound...
Otto:Like I did before the neural interface affected my mind? My obsessions were always there, but the interface allowed me to fully embrace them.
Spider-Man:I have to fix this. Fix
you. Somehow.
Otto:Ah, Peter, always trying to shoulder the responsibility, even when there's no hope. I can't tell you how many times your unfettered optimism has kept me going even when things looked bleak. I'll miss being with you. I really will.
Spider-Man:I'm sorry, Doc. I'm so sorry.
Otto:Yes, yes. You're sorry and yet-- you let it happen. Makes one wonder where your priorities lie. I mean, If I was really that important to you, why would you let me destroy myself?
Spider-Man:I can help you-- it's the neural web, it's affected your mind.
Otto:You mean the neural web you helped create. The hard truth is "you" did this to me. Without your help, I would have never done any those terrible things.
Spider-Man:I.. should have seen what was happening to you... never left you alone with those arms.
Otto:Good luck, I wish I could offer you more help... stay strong, Peter...
~ Otto talking to Peter Parker during his first hallucination after being injected with a neurotoxin by Scorpion
Otto:You're too late. Just as you were to late to help me.
Spider-Man:This isn't you, Doc!
Otto:Ah, but it IS me. The "me" polite society found inconvenient. The parts of myself I suppressed. Buy you helped me break those chains!
Spider-Man:I-I'm sorry...I'll find a way to help you. I swear it!
Otto:Stop deluding yourself. You never help anyone. The poison isn't in you, you ARE the poison! Everything you touch suffers.
Spider-Man:Stop running from me! Let me try!
Otto:I want nothing from you. You're a failure! At life, love, career! You bring nothing but pain!
Spider-Man:No, stop! I'm not giving up on you! Please, just talk to me. I can help you!
Otto:So you can treat me like all the rest - containing me? Suffocating me? No! I will let my genius shine on it's own. I saw you, Peter. Taking notes. Stealing ideas, a rat in my own lab. To think I called you a friend!
Spider-Man:I am your friend, Otto, please. I always supported you, I always will.
Otto:Supported me by stealing my ideas to Norman, by sabotaging my greatest works. Don't think I didn't see, don't think I didn't know!
Spider-Man:Please Doc, please...
Otto:I had such high hopes for you, Peter. Such lofty ambitions. You could have been a great scientist. But you lacked will. Always scattered. Always late.
Spider-Man:I.. I tried Doc. I wanted to be there but..
Otto:But, but, but what? Excuses! Endless excuses. I didn't hire a research assistant. I hired a lazy leech. A boy playing at being a man.
Spider-Man:No... that's not true. No...
Otto:If you had been there for the grant committee... or for the pre-check... or for our endless fittings. If you had ever been there... maybe I wouldn't have had to take action.
Spider-Man:Please Doc, there's still time to turn back. Still time to heal.
Otto:And do what? Crawl back to that pitiful lab? Toss tennis balls with my incompetent assistant? No! Now it is my time for greatness. You'll not hold me back again! Stay away Parker! I won't be sabotaged by you again!...
~ Otto speaking to Peter Parker during the second hallucination, expressing how he feels and blames Peter for betraying him like Norman has and always never there for him at the lab.
Otto:Such a disappointment... Parker.
Peter Parker:You knew?
Otto:I tried to warn you Peter. But you didn't listen!
~ Otto reveals his awareness of Peter's identity.
Otto: Peter, I saw you as a son. I should have know you'd turn on me, just like all the others.
Peter Parker: Turn? I worshipped you! Your mind.. your conscience, wanting to help others, the way you never gave up!
Otto: That's because men like us have a duty. A responsibility. To use our talents in the service of others. Even if they don't appreciate it... we have to do what's best for those beneath us. Whether they understand it or not.
Peter Parker: No, you're wrong. You were everything I wanted to be! You just... threw it away!
Otto: Yes, of course. You're right, Peter. I see that now. The neural interface affected my mind. But I can fix it. We can fix it together... If you'll help me.
Peter Parker: I'll do everything I can. I'll make sure you get the best help--
Otto: NO! If they put me away, they'll take my arms! I'll be trapped in this useless body! Please, Peter. That.. wasn't me. You said you'd never abandon me. You promised, remember? And, of course, you'll rest easy... knowing your secret is safe with me.
Peter Parker: You do what you think is best, Doc. It's all any of us can.
Otto: Peter?
Peter Parker: Even when it hurts like hell.
Otto: Peter? Where are you going? PETER! PETER!!!
~ Doctor Octopus' last conversation with Peter Parker


  • Doctor Octopus' inclusion in the game was accidentally leaked by Chris Jai Alex, the motion-capture actor for Rhino, commenting on the size difference while doing motion capture between Rhino and Doctor Octopus.


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