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Peter B. Parker: Can I assume that your friends call you Doc Ock?
Doctor Octopus: My friends actually call me Liv. My
enemies call me Doc Ock.
~ Doctor Octopus to Peter B. Parker/Spider-Man.

Dr. Olivia Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, is the secondary antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's 18th full-length animated feature film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the first installment in Sony's Spider-Verse trilogy.

She is the CEO of Alchemax and a former friend of Peter Parker's Aunt May in Miles Morales' universe. Octavius works for Kingpin, intending to help him use the Super Collider to bring back alternate versions of his deceased wife and son.

She was voiced by Kathryn Hahn, who also played fellow Sony Pictures Animation antagonist Ericka Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and Agatha Harkness in WandaVision.


Olivia has shaggy hair tied into a large bun (which resembles an octopus's mantle) and wears green goggles. She wears a green metal and plastic suit around her body with four octopus arms attached to it. Unlike the original Doc Ock whose octopus arms are metallic, hers is translucent instead with visible wiring and machinery inside. In her regular day-to-day life, Olivia instead wears white glasses, a colourful headband and scarf, a light blue dress and a white lab coat. Her hair is also rather unkempt and untied.


Olivia initially appeared to be an optimistic and absent-minded doctor, but in reality, she's a sadistic, megalomaniacal scientist. She enjoys inflicting pain on others proven she eagerly waits for alternate Peter Parker to disintegrate out of existence. She also shows little concern for others as she goes through with building the machine despite knowing it could destroy the entire city.



Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus in a flashback

Doctor Octopus fighting Spider-Man in the past.

Olivia Octavius is a scientist and the CEO of the science research & development company known as Alchemax, and used to be friends with Peter Parker's Aunt May. Olivia, at some point later on, became the supervillain and power-mad scientist known as Doctor Octopus, and is one of the many supervillains that Spider-Man has fought in his ten years as a superhero.

Having been reached out to the Kingpin, Alchemax would start being benefited by him, and Olivia started working for the latter as his scientific advisor and left-hand woman, as well as the head of his secret Super-Collider project. One of her assistants, Jonathan Ohnn, assisted in conducting and overseeing experiments.

Conflict with the Spider-Men[]

Doctor Octopus revealed

Olivia Octavius reveals herself as Doctor Octopus to Peter B. Parker.

After a battle between Spider-Man and Kingpin's henchmen which resulted in the Super-Collider exploding and Kingpin killing an injured Spider-Man in the process, the machine's effects had also caused other Spider-People to appear. An older, more disheveled version of Spider-Man from an alternate universe is summoned due to Spider-Man's DNA coming in contact with the Super-Collider as a result of being recklessly shoved in by Green Goblin, and he and Miles decide to team up to destroy the super-collider and return the former to his universe.

Going to Alchemax to create a new version of the USB drive (which had previously broken), Spider-Man leaves Miles behind while he infiltrates the building, however, Miles decides to come along upon seeing Kingpin and Tombstone enter the building. Kingpin begins to pressure Olivia into finishing the super-collider, while, at the same time, Miles and Spider-Man begin to take the information they need. She walks in on Spider-Man and realizes that he is from another universe. She examines the overweight counterpart, before restraining him in a chair and discovers that staying too long out of his home dimension causes his cells to degenerate.

Olivia then states she looks forward to it before she reveals herself to be "Doctor Octopus" and attacks Spider-Man. Miles steals the computer and its system unit, and Spider-Man follows him which leads to them being chased down by her and the Alchemax scientists.

Into-spiderverse-animationscreencaps com-6233

Doctor Octopus chasing Miles Morales and Peter B. Parker.

Doctor Octopus is close to getting the computer and its hardware back before Spider-Gwen saves them and they escape. When Doctor Octopus returns without the hardware, Fisk is enraged at her for failing, though she insists that the appearance of more Spider-People only confirms that the super-collider will work and that he will be able to summon as many alternate versions of his family as he wants once it is working again after squishing a few spiders. Fisk begrudgingly sees her point and tells her to get the machine up and running.

Spider-Gang vs Villains

Doctor Octopus, along with Tombstone and Scorpion, invading Aunt May's house.

Later, after Miles finds out that his uncle Aaron is really the Prowler and escapes from his apartment, the latter tracks him down and leads Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion and Tombstone to Aunt May's house, where they and the other Spider-Men summoned by the super-collider (Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and SP//DR, and Spider-Ham) start to fight for the USB drive which destroys the house.

Final Battle[]

Into-spiderverse-animationscreencaps com-10557

Doctor Octopus getting attacked by an invisible Miles.

That night, Kingpin hosts a gala ostensibly in honor of the fallen Spider-Man, even inviting his widow Mary Jane Watson to the affair, but in reality, only uses it as a distraction while his scientists finish rebuilding and reactivate the super-collider to summon an alternate version of Kingpin's family. The Spider-People (planning to have Peter B. Parker sacrifice himself to return the others to their dimensions without Miles trying to interfere) manage to sneak into the affair and make their way below Fisk Tower to destroy the super-collider, but Doctor Octopus, Tombstone, Scorpion and Kingpin's mobsters ambush them (Kingpin and the other supervillains having anticipated that they would come and foil the plot). The Spider-People are overwhelmed until Miles in a new Spider-Man costume and now fully embracing his role as Spider-Man uses Doctor Octopus's tentacles against her in invisibility mode. The Spider-People realize that he can now send them back but Kingpin turns up the accelerator. Doctor Octopus battles Miles, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman while the Super Collider's effects of pulling thing causes a truck to run over Doctor Octopus away.


Uh, Mr. Fisk!
~ Olivia Octavius's first lines.
--Look at this data. I know you can't really understand it, but these are really good numbers--
~ Olivia explaining the data to Kingpin.
Uh, Mr. Fisk. If we fire again this week, there could be a black hole under Brooklyn. You see this? And this? This is multiple dimensions beginning to crash into each other.
~ Olivia to Kingpin about the machine's effects.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: I'm not refusing--
Kingpin: No more excuses!
Dr. Olivia Octavius: --I just need some more time.
~ Olivia to Kingpin about needing time.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: Spider-Man?
Peter B. Parker: Oh, hey. Didn't see you there...
Dr. Olivia Octavius: Wow. Okay, okay I'm kinda freaking out right now. I mean, you're supposed to be dead.
Peter B. Parker: Surprise.-- Whoa!-- OK that's a no-no, we don't like that--
Dr. Olivia Octavius: This is fascinating.
~ Olivia discovering a different Peter Parker in her office.
Peter B. Parker: --OK, that's m' face--
Dr. Olivia Octavius: An entirely different Peter Parker. OK, a little bit of a gut, perhaps from dimensional warping (pokes his stomach).
Peter B. Parker: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I was
way flatter before I warped.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: Travel through the multiverse appears to have deteriorated...
Peter B. Parker: --How old are you? You don't look a day over 35!
Dr. Olivia Octavius: This might pinch a little.
Peter B. Parker: Ow! Ow, ow!
Dr. Olivia Octavius: I know, I just need to get these samples.
Peter B. Parker: Yeah, OK.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: Wow. Just complete cellular decay. I've never seen anything like this. And obviously you've been glitching.
Peter B. Parker: Glitching? No. Why would you even say that.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: If you stay in this dimension too long, your body’s going to disintegrate. Do you know how painful that would be, Peter Parker?
Peter B. Parker: Uh, I don’t know.
Dr. Olivia Octavius: You can’t imagine. And I, for one, can’t wait to watch.
Peter B. Parker: What did you say your name was?
Dr. Olivia Octavius: Doctor Olivia Octavius.
~ Olivia examining the alternate Peter Parker before revealing her true nature.
There’s three actually. No, this is good, this is very, very good. It means you get what you want. It means my collider works. All we have to do is kill a couple spiders and the collider will bring your family back. As many families as you want.
~ Doctor Octopus to Kingpin.
Nice to see you again, Peter.
~ Doctor Octopus to Peter.
Doctor Octopus: Cute place! Real homey.
Aunt May: Oh great, it's Liv.
~ Doctor Octopus as she enters the house.


  • Olivia Octavius was voiced by Kathryn Hahn, who also voiced another animated villain Ericka Van Helsing from Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, which was released 5 months before Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Coincidentally, both Octavius and Van Helsing are Sony Pictures Animation villains and secondary antagonists.
  • This version of Doctor Octopus' tentacles are soft robots, rubber machines that are moved and used to grip things by pumping air into them, while the other versions of Doctor Octopus's tentacles are metallic. Given that she's tall and slender in contrast to the short and stocky incarnations of Doctor Octopus, using lightweight materials is a more practical option for her.
  • Olivia is the third female version of Doctor Octopus, after Carolyn Trainor in the comics and Serena Patel in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.
  • In a deleted scene, Doc Ock is revealed to have survived getting hit by the truck and wakes up as the dimensional portal was collapsing. She then says "The power of the multiverse, in the palm of my hand", before jumping into the portal, once again leaving her fate on an ambiguous note. This line is later used in Across the Spider-Verse by the Spot after he manages to escape the Spotted Dimension.
    • That quote is almost similar to Doctor Octopus' quote: "The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand" from the movie Spider-Man 2.
  • Another version of Doctor Octopus was fighting Gwen while she was being sent into the portal. However, that version was Otto Octavius.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist of the film, Olivia Octavius never appeared in the franchising and marketing of the film. This was likely done to preserve the twist of her being Doctor Octopus.
  • In Peter Parker's Spider Lair, there exists a Spider-Man suit that is nearly identical to the Advanced Suit from Insomniac Games's Spider-Man. In the game, Peter helped the Doctor Octopus of his reality create his signature mechanical arms, so it may be possible that the Peter of this Universe may have helped Liv build her arms too.
  • Olivia Octavius/Doctor Octopus is Kathryn Hahn's first animated role in a Marvel production and the first Marvel role she played. Her second role was as Agatha Harkness in WandaVision.
  • Being Doctor Octopus, Olivia's design incorporates octagons in many parts of it, with her glasses and face being octagonal.
  • Into the Spider-Verse director Rodney Rothman mentioned in early 2019 that Olivia Octavius/Doctor Octopus was set to be the main antagonist of the Spider-Verse franchise, describing her as being the one manipulating lots of things to achieve her own grand ambitions. However, Kathryn Hahn didn't return for Across the Spider-Verse, so given how the Jonathan Ohnn/Spot was the film's main antagonist and will have the same role in its upcoming sequel Beyond the Spider-Verse, it's unclear if Olivia will return or if plans changed on the way, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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