Doctor Odium

Doctor Odium was a scientist who worked for the National Biotech Authority and but eventually turned on them and became an enemy of Static and the Hoop Squad in the Static Shock series. He is voiced by the late David Ogden Stiers, who also voiced The Penguin in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, and Radcliffe in Disney's Pocahontas.

Odium was talented in biotechnology and robotics. The NBA recruited him for his expertise in these fields. Dr. Odium proved to be one of the most brilliant scientists in the organization. He wanted to test his nanites on humans as an experiment. The government refused to accept his proposal or fund his experiment and Dr. Odium left the NBA. Odium improved his nanites after he left and used it to blackmail NBA for a hundred million dollars. He planned to release the nanites if he was not paid as revenge. Doctor Odium sent his nanite creature to steal a train compressor so he could release the nanites through an old oil field in North Los Angeles which would destroy the west coast. The creature also kidnaps Gear while trying to steal the compressor.

Doctor Odium told Gear that he saw a lot of himself in him and offered Gear to join. When Gear refused, Dr. Odium kept him as bait for Static and the Hoop Squad. He tried to get Static and the Hoop Squad into a trap by using Gear's Shock Vox. The heroes escaped the trap and followed Odium to the oil fields. They realized at the oil fields that the Odium they were fight was a nanite clone. The nanite clone was defeated by Static and the Hoop Squad using a compressor. Gear found the real Dr. Odium hiding in a cryo-tube after the nanite clone's defeat. Dr. Odium was later taken to jail.


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