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Doctor Robot is the minor antagonist in the first Webisode of Fairly Oddparents and later, the main antagonist of the final and sixth Webisode. He was created by the Bronze Kneecap.

He was first seen aiding the Bronze Kneecap capture the Crimson Chin and was about to test his reflexes on him. However, Cleft appeared and freed the Crimson Chin and defeated the Bronze Kneecap.

He was later seen in the final webisode, after Cleft and the Crimson Chin defeated five villains, where he returned from a game of golf and was standing in front of the prison facility. There, he freed the five villains and placed them inside his chest, turning him into the Body of Evil. After struggling to defeat him, Cleft wished to become the Heart of Gold and leaped on the Body of Evil's chest, thus turning him good. The Body of Evil spitted out the villains and placed them in separate jail cells.


  • He is 60 feet and radioactive.
  • Like the Copper Cranium, he never appears in the actual series.


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