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You don't need a medical license when you operate OUT OF A CAVE!
~ A variation of Doctor S's catchphrase.

Doctor S is an antagonist in All Hail King Julien. Starting out as an antagonist who teamed up with a lemur called Robb McTodd to experiment on King Julien, S (and Rob) reformed and spend the rest of the series working at a hospital for lemurs. Still, S has proved himself to be a less-than-trustworthy character, even after he reformed.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennet.


S is a brown and white king cobra clad in a head mirror and occasionally a stethoscope. There is a black circle around his eye and he has brown spots under his hood.


S is extremely eccentric figure. He has an extreme interest in bizarre experiments. However, he's not completely insane, and does show moments of kindness towards some characters. For example, he did give Maurice a lollipop in "The Love Gauntlet".

Villainous Roles

  • In the episode, "That's Sooo Rob", S makes his first appearance and tries to transplant parts of King Julien onto Rob McTodd, and admits that he does not have a medical license. Luckily for the lemur king, Julien's friends arrive and free him. S is beaten up by Clover.
  • In "The Phantom of Club Moist", Julien is captured by Rob and S, and S tries to swap the minds of the two lemurs. S is defeated again, but Julien gives him a second chance and lets him become a proper doctor for the lemurs, although he still doesn't get a proper license.
  • In "The King and Mrs. Mort", S tries to cut of Julien's head off and put it on a shark. Once again, S is beaten up by Clover and defeated. This is one of S's few antagonistic roles after that occurs after he reformed.


  • In "I, Maurice", S confesses to having "dug up" most of his past test subjects, meaning that he is a grave-robber.


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