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Oh. Thank you so very much!
~ Doctor Saleon sarcastically thanking Shepard for sparing him only to run away. (determinant)
I brought in some of his employees for interrogation. To see if I could get them to talk. While I was interviewing one of them, I came across something suspicious. [...] One of my detainees started bleeding profusely during the interview. We offered to patch him up and he got frantic. I ordered a full exam, to find out what was going on. Our medics found incisions all over his body. Some of them fresh. That was our big break. These people weren't Saleon's employees. They were test tubes. Walking, living test tubes. [...] He cloned their organs right inside their own bodies. Then he harvested them and sold them off. Most of the victims were poor. He'd pay them each a small percentage of the sales, but only if the organs were good. Sometimes an organ wouldn't grow properly, so he'd just leave it in them. Most of them were a mess, but only on so nobody could see it.
~ Garrus explains how he discovered Saleon's sickening experiments.

Doctor Saleon, also known by his snide alias Doctor Heart, is a minor antagonist in Mass Effect, serving as the main antagonist of Garrus' loyalty mission: Find Dr. Saleon. He was a sadistic Salarian scientist who specialized in various amoral practices, primarily the cultivating and selling of body parts.

He was voiced by Brian George.


Doctor Saleon originally worked on the Citadel, where his activities caught the attention of then C-Sec Officer Garrus Vakarian, who had noticed an increase in the sale of body parts on the Black Market.  Discovering a Turian liver, Garrus was surprised to learn soon after that it belonged to one of Saleon's former assistants, who was certain he had never lost his liver. Checking Saleon's lab, Garrus found no evidence to incriminate him.

While Garrus was interrogating Saleon's employees and attempting to find answers, one of his suspects began to bleed uncontrollably and it was discovered that he had fresh incisions all over his body.  From this, it was discovered that Saleon had been using his employees as living test subjects, in particular cloning their body parts for his own ends. Though he would give the test subjects a small portion of the profits for their services, if the organs failed to grow properly, Saleon would simply leave them inside the test subject, even though this would be disastrous for their health. 

With this information, Garrus attempted to place Saleon under arrest but the doctor had learned that C-Sec was on to him and had fled, along with a few more test subjects.  Garrus attempted to have him shot down but as his ship was too close to the Citadel his order was overruled.  From there, Saleon changed his name to Dr. Heart and set up a new business as though nothing had changed.  From there he operated out of the MSV Fedale, unaware that Garrus Vakarian had the transponder codes for the ship. 

It is possible for Garrus and Shepard to use these codes to track Saleon down, at which point the doctor unleashes his now mutated test subjects on them. Once Saleon is cornered, he feigns innocence, but Garrus and Shepard know better. Shepard can either allow Garrus to execute him (Renegade), or convince Garrus to arrest him (Paragon). Either way, Saleon refuses to surrender and draws a gun. He is promptly killed in the ensuing shoot-out.

If Shepard and his team either don’t find Saleon or just don’t do the mission, then Saleon is still left alive and it’s likely he either continued his experiments (if mission was done) or found new victims to continue his sick experiments (if you kill his subjects but don’t find him).


Thank you. Thank you for saving me from those... things.
~ Saleon's first line to Shepard.
What? My name is Heart. Dr. Heart. Please, get me out of here.
~ Saleon tries to deny his true identity.
Garrus: There's no escape this time, Doctor. I'd harvest your organs first, but we don't have the time.
Saleon: You're crazy. He's crazy! Please, don't let him do this to me.
~ Saleon pleads to Shepard to protect him from Garrus.
No, please! Please!
~ Saleon's potential last words if Shepard allows Garrus to kill him.

About Saleon

I remember this salarian geneticist I was sent to investigate. That case was a bit… disturbing.
~ Garrus when asked about missions he's been part of that stood out.
I was tasked with tracking black market trade on the Citadel. Most of it's harmless. Nothing I needed to pursue. But during the course of my investigation, I noticed an incease in the trade of body parts. Organs, mostly. [...] We usually get a few of those numbers I was seeing. We weren't sure if there was a new black market lab or if some freak was harvesting organs from citizens.
~ Garrus explains how his mission against Saleon started.
First, we got hold of a sample and ran DNA tests. The weird thing was, the match led us to a turian who was still alive and was very convinced he'd never lost of digging, I discovered this turian worked briefly for Dr. Saleon, the geneticist. So I went to his lab, evidence of cloned organ development. But there was nothing. No salarian hearts, no turian livers, not one krogan testicle.
~ Garrus continues explaining his mission.
He ran. Blew his lab, grabbed some of his employees, and headed for the nearest space dock. By the time I found out, his ship was already leaving. He threatened to kill hostages if we tried to stop him. [...] I ordered Citadel defence to shoot him down, but C-Sec headquarters countermanded my order. They were worried about the hostages. Worried about civilian ship was destroyed so close to the Citadel. I told them those hostages were dead anyway. He'd just use them to make more organs. But they wouldn't listen.
~ Garrus explains how Saleon escaped him originally.
I sent out feelers from time to time, hoping to find something. I thought I'd found him a while back. He'd changed ships and changed his name to Dr. Heart—his idea of a joke I guess. I told the military, but they weren't convinced it was him. I got the transponder frequency for his new ship, but I just can't get anyone to check it out.
~ Garrus explains how he found Saleon after he escaped.


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